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Do Your Part on Christmas Day, Go See The Interview!

Sony has reversed it’s decision to release the famous movie about the assassination attempt on North Korea dictator. Sony and many movie theaters have realized they gave in for the wrong reason. Many Americans are mad that they are being told what they can and cannot watch so Indie theater chains are getting the approval from Sony that they can show the movie in their theaters and guess what? They are selling out like hotcakes, which also sounds good right about now.

This is a great move in supporting our country’s freedom of speech with Seth Rogen proudly supporting the decision and James Franco sounding off on the move by Sony. The news has taken off now that North Korea is showing problems of its own when the country’s internet went out for 10 hours the other day, so it is hard to believe that they were behind the Sony hack, when their only connection to the internet is through China. But they are said to create some of the world’s best hackers, which again is hard to swallow, according to this story about how North Korea trains its hackers.

If you want to support Freedom of Speech, go see The Interview and make the hackers aware that our country’s foundational beliefs will not be challenged by outsiders who disagree. Sony’s move is a great one and should be applauded. Sony will also release the film through it’s own website (seetheinterview.com), Google Play, YouTube, and Netflix all before New Years Day. To learn more about this great move and where you can buy tickets, Check out the links below.

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