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American’s Care Little when it comes to Education

Yes, you read that correctly. We trail behind so many other countries when it comes to educating people. If you were to walk into high schools and middle schools across America you will be able to see visually the kids who don’t care about school. When you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, if you can peel them away from playing games on their expensive tablets their parent’s felt were important to get them because they thought it would help them at school, you will probably get a shrug of the shoulders or a complaint from them saying that you are bothering them and that you need to go away.

When you look at how kids treat teachers and substitute teachers in public schools and private schools, parents have sent a clear message to their kids, “No one is allowed to hit or touch you and if they do you need to report them.” In this video a 16-year old student in a Houston high school pushes an elderly substitute teacher to the ground. You can see he doesn’t care at all that he hurt someone because he was more concerned about his phone. The teacher took it from him because he was using it during class instead of putting it away when he was told. The school has a clear policy on that and said the teacher was in her right to take it away. You can see he clearly didn’t care at all what he did.

Cases like this happen everyday in public, and even private, schools where students just don’t care what they are told. Students have no respect for adults because they’ve been told all these things. Infact there is a huge problem with students reporting false claims of inappropriate conduct from a teacher they don’t like just so they can get them fired. Here is the problem with this whole situation. The second the situation happens, the teacher is put on paid leave and the student is allowed to attend school with no problems. What ever happened to taking the teacher’s word over the child? That doesn’t happen anymore and this is why kids feel so empowered over adults because they have learned how to make adults afraid of them. I know many teachers and administrative staff in schools that have had false claims put on them and had to be let go or moved to a lower level position with no student contact, even if the student was lying.

Schools are very afraid of kids and it doesn’t help that schools teach kids to let bully’s hit them and not defend themselves. Did you know that if a student was to defend and fight back against a bully hitting them that the chances of the bully getting in trouble is very low because when people finally see what it happening, they don’t see what the bully did to provoke it, they see the kid fighting back to defend themselves so it is based on what witnesses saw in the end on who is the one at fault. Thousands of kids are given punishments for defending themselves and the first thing educators tell kids is to report it to an adult.

If I told you how many times I used to report things to adults in school and nothing ever got done you probably would shake your head in disbelief but it’s true. They use the same response in order to get out of doing any paper work and that is, “well, were there any witnesses?” If you say, “I don’t know,” then they are not interested because it is just a case of ‘he said, she said’ at that point.

American’s Don’t Educate, They Entertain
There was a great episode that so many parent’s need to watch on Last Man Standing entitled, “Hard-Ass Teacher.” In the episode one of the girl’s wants to get into West Point but she was struggling in her math class because the teacher was too hard. She decided that if she transferred to an easier teacher then she can boost her GPA and get in. One parent decided to talk with the teacher and find out how to fix it. The teacher learns quickly that they are one of “those parents.” The kind who go to intimidate the teacher into passing their child. This is a common form of bullying among parents who think they are doing the right thing. The teacher explains that he has been teaching the same subject for years and because it’s math nothing has changed, only the students. They want it easier but he tells them in order to learn it has to be hard.

The bridges that have been around the longest are there because those engineers studied hard in school. People who drive over them everyday depend on them and hope that they knew what they were doing when they designed and built it. The ones that have collapsed already didn’t have the same quality people building them. More and more students want the easy way to a good college (if they are even thinking about college), so many sacrifice their education by taking the easy teachers that give the most As. Many schools now have classes filled with tablets so kids can play games in order to learn. Many parent’s don’t let their kids out of the house because they fear what might happen to them if they do. So they fill their house with games, and educational toys, and programs to keep them busy every second of the day. And because students feel they are entitled to rewards if they are expected to learn then they know when to stop listening if there is nothing in it for them. They know adults can’t touch them so they can sleep in class without worrying about a teacher trying to bother them or touch them.

Here’s the funny thing, all these kids dream of a future life where they have money, travel, and run their own business. The reality is only a small group of students graduate from high school and those numbers get smaller still for graduating from college. The people with college degrees will still make more money in the long run, and those working at fast food joints depending higher pay it goes to show how they do not understand how raising minimum wage is a bad thing because they didn’t think it was important to study in the economics when it was free in school.

The Education Gap is getting wider and if parent’s don’t start getting serious about making sure reading and learning goes on in the home then they will learn the hard way when it gets difficult to pay the bills when your paycheck stays small for a long time. There is so much free education online that it’s almost impossible not to be able to educate yourself now, there’s just no excuse for it. Meanwhile the students who took the time to read, study, and learn will be enjoying their nice exotic vacations, eating out whenever they want, and sleeping in a comfy big house.

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