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Think Drones are just for flying, these Drones can build Houses

Drones are being used in just about every area you can think of now, from getting teens into trouble at the beach, to recording scenic views of cities, to now building houses. Drones are being programming to perform some amazing tasks that have made our lives a lot more interesting and easier now that we have little robots doing most of the work.

Saša Jokić and Petr Novikov created these little robots that can 3-D print a house following the layout that they have been given. Using a crane like system, they follow a map that tells the drones where to go and how much to build. There are two types of drones used in the process, first there is the Foundation Robot which sets the foundation of the building, after that there is the Grip Robot which trowels the surface and can move in many directions, which also handles the curing process of the material used to build the structures.

A Future of Robot Construction Workers
The idea behind such an invention is that it would eventually lead to many people being out of work. These robots are able to work with a small crew of people who monitor their work. They can work 24/7 and push as many more structures than a normal human construction crew could. This is to say that they are only building simple structures, not elaborate football stadiums, but who knows, their programming is open-sourced so someone in the world could add to it to make the deign of the drones even better and able to take on more tasks.

The idea of robot builders is nothing new, they have been created by many companies; companies that NASA has employed to create robots that can build houses on the moon. This idea has been around for a long time because if robots could be planted on the moon then all they need is a fresh supply of materials every so often that by the time they are done, there will be an entire moon colony waiting. Companies like Contour Crafting specialize in building robots to create homes and structures, which is another company interested in building homes and buildings on the moon.

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