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Need to turn your selfie into a piece of art? There’s an app for that

It’s no surprise that there are all kinds of apps out there that do some amazing things, infact, research labs are at work trying to combine all sorts of famous techniques into a portable app to use whenever and make the person using the app look like a genius.

Researchers at MIT have created an app that combines the famous photography techniques of famous artists and use those styles to make your selfie look better. Is such an app really needed? For those interested in learning how the app works, yes, but for the younger generation their lack of art history will keep their attention focused on apps that offer “filters” instead of famous photography techniques.

What makes this app so different? You can change the lighting on the face, transfer the style of certain photographers onto your image, and add certain styles upon styles to the face.

The app is not currently available but stay up-to-date with the researcher, YiChang Shih, on when it will be on the market. You can watch the video below to see how it works.

Read more about the app here