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Google Plans to create more Wearable Technology

Google wants a hand in everything you do and they are making this more evident by creating products that you wear that will help control your life. Imagine you are driving home and you have Google Now on your phone set up, as you get close to your house it will automatically communicate with the nest home system to adjust to the temperature that you enjoy. The lights in the house will also turn on automatically as you approach and you will have your favorite programming waiting for you on your Google TV in any room you enter. All the while your smartwatch, smartphone, and google glass are recording your every step in order to anticipate your needs.

Science Fiction or Reality?
What I just described sounds like the future we are so used to seeing in the movies but Google has now made it all a reality. Most of what I mentioned has already been around for while except for the smartwatch which is just coming out now and google glass for those that don’t own one or google tv. The idea here is to simplify life by letting google do all the thinking for you (at the cost of giving over all your personal information, including location tracking, emails, photos, videos, etc) so you don’t ever have to worry about losing any piece of information. You can simply call out a command and have google make an appointment, add a reminder, take a picture, or record a video of something you are watching to send it to a friend.

The example given above is just for when you come home, I didn’t cover the millions of other situations that google has already anticipated for you such as dealing with hotel reservations, flight cancellations, restaurant reservations, and movie ticket purchasing, and more. The idea is that google wants to be the one to make your life easier, and since android is the dominate force in the market they realize their potential of staying on track with consumers. This doesn’t even include Google entering the gaming market, which they will include into their TV streaming device.

Programming with Google
In order to encourage more people to use their different products Google is actively encouraging many developers out there to create useful apps for the products by releasing their developer kits online. Developers can download the kits and start creating apps that meet the needs of different industries. For example, a useful application of google glass would be to create an app that can visually display dangerous gases in the air, a tool that would have come in handy back in the day of coal miners using canaries to detect for dangerous gases. Such an app would need a sensor add-on that you would connect to your smartphone and use as a detector and see the gases in the air through glass.

For now here are 6 apps that have already been created for the Android Smartwatch

You can download their kits here
GlassBecome a Certified Glass Partner for Google at Work
Android Smartwatch – Google Launches Full Android Wear
Android Smartphone and Tablets
Material Design – Video on Material Design


Added Security
The nice thing about all this is that your smartwatch will also act as a second security step in accessing your phone or any android device. If you are wearing your watch then you will be able to use your phone anytime but if your phone happens to be at a distance from your watch and you are not wearing it, then you will be asked to enter your password. This includes all over devices as well so your information is protected.

So how quickly do you plan to jump on this bandwagon of wearable technology? My guess is that for most people who don’t earn in the high income bracket, it will be awhile before their home looks anything like what Google is expecting their everyday consumers to have.

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