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Learn more about the new Spending Bill for 2015

You often wonder just how much of what people learn in college stays with them after they get a job and start working. You would think that when you hire an engineer that they remember everything they read and learned in college, right? That is not the case and really far from it. When you look over what some of the provisions that have been included in the new spending bill carries, you should wonder how such things even get brought up.

Science research and food nutrition have shown over and over again that salt contributes to a large number of health problems when eating too much. Food already has sodium in it so you don’t need to add any more. It is cases like this that show the lack of understanding about food science that is most embarrassing, especially with an organization that is supposed to “help” kids learn about proper nutrition. The School Nutrition Association congratulated the new language that allows them to continue doing what their doing instead of providing lower sodium levels in school lunches. Their answer to that was they need more research in order to prevent a costly overhaul. This issue right there goes back to what I said about the case with Obama giving money over so cops can wear body-cameras. We don’t need more research on these issues. they just waste time and money and prolong the issue so that they don’t have to make any wide-spread changes.

More research is not the answer for everything and yet so many associations use that as a crutch to keep from having to spend money to enforce new rules.

Then you have agencies that are already profitable still requesting money from the government to cover costs that they should be covering on their own. This is the case with medical insurance companies like Blue Shield and Blue Cross.

When you look at the case with farmers they don’t want any interference from the government if it means having to do more work on their part and that is the case with monitoring greenhouse gas emissions. Farms are shown to be the biggest contributors of greenhouse gas because of the cows but now science can not progress because they are not required to take measurements of samples. This is how science gets hindered because of political actions.

Oh and Las Vegas apparently is asking the government for money to help gain more tourists. Think that even makes sense to pass as a bill? Nope, but then again it doesn’t look like your required to remember much from your college days after you graduate.

Read through the article and see what issues people have thrown in with the bill. In case you haven’t learned already, bills get attached at the very last minute in order to get automatically approved, even for cases that have been deemed by the courts as legal, because remember politicians only work for those that give them the most votes and money.

Read the comments for how people view congress and politics.

The Daily Show also did a great piece of what exactly the new spending bill was made up of, which it is being called, “The Christmas Tree Bill” watch how Jon Stewart makes fun of them for tacking on stupid things.

The Daily Show Dec 16th

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