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Awe-Inspiring is what makes something go viral

If you have been living in a hole these past couple of years then you probably have no idea who Susan Boyle is but for those who don’t and have watched her first audition the only words to describe such a performance is awe-inspiring. She sends chills down your back and goose-bumps on your skin. But why is that? What caused her video to go viral? If you haven’t seen her first audition take the time now to watch it before reading on.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Did you notice that feeling you got when she first started singing? That is the feeling that drove this video and all her other youtube videos of her first audition to go viral. There was a need in everyone who watches that video to share it with others. But why? The reason why it was shared so many times and talked about non-stop in media outlets the day after is because the appearance of this middle aged woman did not match with our preconceived idea of someone trying to be famous as a singer. Normally we see young people walk out on stage and perform and nothing moves us like her audition because we almost expect it from young performers but not from older ladies that many would say before hearing her sing how unattractive she was. Today she is beautiful and a talented singer.

The history of her was that she would sing alot at home, around the house, in the garden and anywhere else she wanted. All those years of just singing gave her to push to go and audition. The same is for entrepreneurs who are told they will never make anything of themselves so they should just look for a regular paying job to make ends-meet. If you let the opinions of other slow you down or stop you all together you might never know what you could have become. Simon Cowell is one of the hardest people to please in the music industry but when he strikes gold, he makes sure that person gets the treatment they deserve. Susan Boyle eventually made her dream of singing with Elaine Paige come true. You can watch their duet together down below. So the next time you feel the urge to share something with someone stop and look at what drove you to do that, chances are, it was something awe-inspiring in the content that made you want to do that because it showed or taught you something you didn’t know before or weren’t expecting.

It’s Never too Late