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Learn something today and see if you can use it somehow

There is so much information out there today that if someone wanted to try and learn all that is happening in the world in one day it would take them the rest of the lives to know everything that happened in just one day. Here is an interesting fact, a New York Times paper, for just one day, contains more information than the average person in London would have read or learned about in the 18th century. So don’t pass up what we take for granted today.

In order to try and keep up I have decided to add in some videos that will teach you some pretty cool stuff. If you learn something, try and use it somehow, no sense in keeping it all to yourself, right?

The Truth about Education Today and how we have changed because of it
Did you know that people today are infact smarter than they were a hundred years ago. We would all be considered geniuses today by the standard that was in place a hundred years ago. Evolution shows that our brains are actually getting bigger in size and that is probably due to the fact that we take in more information a day than anyone else in history ever did. What’s sad, as I stated before, is that the 80/20 rule still applies, even though people are smarter only 20% still make use of what they have learned while 80% just go about their life taking it for granted. Here is a video from Vsauce2 that explains how education in America has changed and how it is changing around the world.

Watch if you like learning

Times Are Changing
It’s no surprise that many of the jobs that people used to depend on for making a living are being phased out. This is simply due to the fact that technology and robots are learning how to take over those roles. This helps companies save money and increase productivity for tasks that need higher intellectual power. In this video you will see what jobs used to be something people went to in order to make a living.

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Now, quick, go Change The World!