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The iPhone Case that Encourages Inequality

It must be nice to be Super Rich because then you can treat the world like your own small neighborhood – eating in Paris for breakfast, hopping over to Dubai for some shopping, and then catching a nice theater show in London. If you think what I just said is make-believe and no one actually lives their life like that then you really don’t understand how the super-rich treat this world of ours. They treat it like a playground with no rules to follow because they have enough money to get themselves out of any trouble they run into.

The other nice perk about being super rich is that you can buy really stupid things, like this new iPhone case that is 24K gold with a pink diamond in the middle (don’t worry you can change the color of the diamond, thank goodness right, who would be caught dead wearing the wrong color?). If you are thinking, “who in the world would buy such a thing?” Those who are stupid rich, that’s who. Whats the price tag of this pointless thing? $48.5 million dollars, yes you read that right. Just think about that price for a minute, now think about all the spoiled rich kids in the world who have already pre-ordered theirs. Don’t forget you will need to make a 50% deposit beforehand but that’s no problem, right? Included with that price tag you will get FedEx’s highest service level with their White Glove Service. Makes you sick to your stomach, huh? And you wonder why there is so much inequality in this world when you have companies like this producing high-end stuff that will only be tossed aside when the next latest thing comes out, just adding more to the electronic waste most rich people create.

Now who would be stupid rich without accessorizing right? Well, Falcon has you covered. You can buy some lovely ear buds (they come in silver, gold, and rose colored) for a drop-in-the-bucket of only $300K. If your unsure of which color, buy two! They make lovely birthday presents and rather than deal with 1st-world problems of forgetting where you last left them, buy a couple and place one in your car, in your personal gym, and somewhere in one of your kitchens (but to be safe, one in each of your kitchens, just not in the dirty kitchen, that’s where the staff works).

Yes, the world of being stupid rich is very different. You can buy things that have no real purpose other than to show the world that you don’t know how to spend your money wisely. It signals to people, “Hey, I’m Rich and your not!”

So what can this iPhone case and ear buds buy you if you were smart about money. Let’s find out.

What can $50 Million Buy You
Money is money but it’s value is different all over the world, In some places the value is higher and in others the value is lower but what doesn’t change is people calling you a millionaire. That probably never gets old hearing that unless your Warren Buffet or Bill Gates who haven’t been called that in over 20 years by now.

– Buy a Beautiful Mansion
– Buy a Bugatti Veyron for $2.3 million
– Create a Film Production Company
– Provide After-School Educational Support for Low-Income Students with meals included
– Build Affordable Homes for Families Mortgage Free
– Build Playgrounds that cater to all kinds of kids and adults
– Build a Move Theater for children and adults to learn about film without any charge for admission (there are ways to pay for its continued operations so don’t think I forgot about that)
– Pay for a child’s much needed operation
– Help fund over a 500 different campaigns on GofundMe
– Pay for a child to get Ocular Implants, their reactions are worth it
– Pay for another family to have a much needed family reunion
– Pay off someone’s mortgage or student debt
– Create a evening program that provides free meals with free education learning opportunities to anyone
– Help someone start their own business
– Pay off student lunch debt in schools
– Buy support material (new computers, education resources, labs, supplies, improve teacher salaries) for schools
– Build your own school and provide free education to anyone
– Give People Full Time Jobs (just $2 million at $45k a year would employ 44 people, imagine how many could support their families with $50 million, 1111 people could improve their lives with full time jobs)

These are just a few ideas that come to my mind. The lasting effects of what $50 million could have on this world are immense so when you consider someone walking around with such an iPhone case, you really have to side on the fact of conceit and being Stupid Rich. You will be amazed at what $5 dollars can mean to someone hungry, so imagine the number of people you could change with just $100, and you begin to see the impact as the number gets larger.

I have to include this because for those who are stupid rich then there is the other side that I have heard time and time again. “But I always donate $100 million every year to charities, why can’t I splurge on myself now and then? I’ve earned that right.” Yes you have, and that is why inequality exists. You have that freedom to do what ever you like with your money and you have definitely earned that right if you have worked hard your whole life to earn every single penny honestly. But for those that have no idea what it means to work hard to earn something that is a totally different story. They are the ones who are totally disconnected from reality because money has shielded them from what it means to earn a living.

To learn more about who these super rich are and what their lifestyles are like, read the book, Plutocrats, it’s a book that will wake you up to how the rich live in this world and how they treat everyday goods. If this book doesn’t open your eyes to inequality then nothing will. Oh and you might want to take a tums or pepto bismol because once you start reading it will make your stomach turn on how some of these families live and spend money.

Side Note
[If anyone would like to donate the value of one of these iPhone cases to me, I would be happy to put into action all those I recommended. If anyone would like to buy me one of those iPhone cases (green please) I would be happy to accept and then trade in the value of that phone case and put into action all those I recommended.]

To get the feel of what it might be like to be stupid-rich, you can visit the website and browse their many high-end luxury items and wonder, “humm…should I buy the blue diamond or the orange diamond?….ugh…so many choices.” Now you understand the term 1st World Problems. If your really smart, you would get a iPhone case that can actually do something, like this one or that one.

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