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Community College Gave this Man his Purpose in Life

They say college is where one goes if they want to learn more about themselves. This is true if you have some type of purpose, within a structured environment, that are you are looking for. College’s today are different from what they are supposed to be. College: What it is, was, and should be is a book about the purpose colleges are supposed to serve and why they are not anymore. Colleges of any type are designed to help a person grow and discover who they are. They help you see what it is you are interested in, they provide the same kind of students around you to bond with, but they also challenge you. The idea behind college is that you grow as a person. If you leave college with the same beliefs and ideas you went in with, you wasted your money. College is meant to challenge those beliefs, ideas, and self-identity because it means you went beyond what was asked of you in class. You did the required readings but were inspired by the readings to read other books that inspired those books.

Community college is meant to act as a stepping stone to a larger plate of interest. It is a place that provides you with a variety of basic courses that are meant to help you find your life’s calling. There are many student groups to join, part-time jobs on campus to explore, and professors to meet. If you have the impression that community college is only for those that couldn’t get into a real college then you don’t really understand people. The high cost of going to a major university or college keeps majority of people from attending. Why spend thousands of dollars when you can spend hundreds and still learn the same material? Does the name of the university really matter? As this study showed, No it doesn’t.

Your motivation to learn beats out any major university so don’t ever think that the name of the school you attend will guarantee your success later on. This man showed that his years at a community college defined his career goals later on. He learned his basic skills that he still uses to do his life’s work now. If you want to get the most out of an education, don’t worry about the name of the school, worry about how much time you put into studying. Your level of motivation will beat out any Ivy league student who is just putting in the bare minimum to pass. After all the best thing you can give to somebody is a public library card, and last time I checked those were free. In all my times in different libraries I have seen people spend hours in those places reading and studying over a period of time only to leave that place an educated person with skills to match.

Now that Obama wants to make the first two years free at community colleges,  a plan that most will push against, hopefully will get passed. This really will help a lot of people but in the mean time more parents and kids need to learn the importance of getting a proper up-bringing and education. It will surprise many that most junior and senior high school students already have free access to community college classes, very free ever take advantage of it.

The movie Larry Crowne is about what his time was like in community college and what it meant to him when he attended.

I owe it all to Community College

Obama plan would help many go to community college for free

The value of an education in the palm of your hands

[Article Updated] 6/30/2014

MOOCs are becoming a thing that will probably change how people learn and view education at higher institutions. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses and you can take any course that interests you for free online (I do need to point out though that some schools are charging still). Anyone with a fast enough internet connection on their laptop, desktop, or mobile phone or tablet can sign up for a course and go back to school.

MOOCs have been around for awhile but now that college tuition is getting to the point that it is unaffordable for the majority people are looking for ways to offset the costs. People know they need degrees for certain jobs but many others are seeing online certificates, that many MOOC courses offer, as an alternative to that degree. Why sit in classes you will never need when you can get a certificate that says you completed all course requirements in the courses that meet the needs of the jobs you are applying for?

Shaking Things UP
MOOCs are changing how people learn but not just that but also where people learn. There are many apps available that let you sign up for courses online using your mobile device, a few of those apps are Coursera app (iTunes, Android), Khan Academy (iTunes), and MOOCs4U (this one only provides a list.

There are many people who sign up for courses on their desktop computer and then download lectures and material on their mobile devices to watch on the train ride to work or on the plane. Now that people can access education and customize the courses they want to learn this will start to change how people understand and interact with how to get an education that fits their needs instead of having to worry about legislative requirements that majority of state schools require of their students to take. Students will no longer have to deal with having to take classes just to meet degree requirements, they can take only the courses that match a field or what a job requires and then pay for the certificate (which averages about $70 bucks) for each course. So if they only need four or five courses to be considered for a job that only comes out to about $350 total for five courses. Not even community colleges can compete with prices like that. Remember, this is to say you want the certificate to show proof you completed the course and passed it, if you don’t need it then you took the course for free. This of course does not include textbooks or additional classroom material but it can’t be more than the average cost for one semester at a regular university.

So whether you know you need to go back to school or trying to find out if you can handle the rigors of college course work, MOOCs are here to help people take control of their education and enable people to learn any course subject that interests them no matter the course level. Just know that in ten years more than twice as many people will have college educations and if you plan to compete with them you will need some kind of education that keeps you ahead of the pack. Check some of the main sites for taking courses online and look through the resource section of this website to find major universities that offer their courses online for free and how you can be apart of them.

List of MOOCs (Go Learn something new today!)

Coursera – Take Courses from some of the best schools in the world

Udacity – Get yourself a nanodegree

edX – Get an Education from the Best

P2PU – Learning Built by an Open Community

FutureLearn – Courses from UK Universities and from around the world

Saylor Academy – Bringing Resources together online and turning it into an education

SkilledUp – You can search the best courses online and where to take them

Here’s how one company called CreativeLive is doing it

MOOC are changing how people get an education now but even more so, it provides a way for universities to find hidden talent in places you wouldn’t normally look. Kids, teenagers, and even senior citizens are going to school online and impressing a number of research universities, many of which are offered spots in the schools or research labs for the work they have done.

This is no laughing matter when it comes to getting an education in the work the future job market will require no less than a masters and Ph.D.

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