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Are you Getting Ready for next year?

Just one more day before the New Year starts so before you start putting away all the holiday fixtures around your house and putting up the New Year’s Banners and wearing the party hats, have you started to figure out some of the things you want to change and start doing more or less of next year?

Starting a new year is a very personal subjective feeling that is grounded first in emotion and then built up with reason. You first have to be aware of something before you can start doing something about it. Once you know what that something is you can then start doing something to “fix” it.

I will be writing more in the coming days about what all you need to know if you want the start of the new year to be great. But first I want to say that failure LOVES company, if it were a person, he’d be that neighbor from the movie Extract that you just can’t quite shake, even if you tell them how much you hate them, he still won’t understand what you mean and will think the best solution would be to get together and talk about it.

You need to know that half the things you will want to change and do have a high risk of failure so once you are ready for that you can slowly work on making sure that doesn’t happen, so starting small is a good way to begin the new year. For example, instead of saying, “I plan on climbing Mount Everest,” having never climbed a mountain before, is probably a bad goal to set, so start with, “I’m going to climb Mt. Bonnell,” and then see if you can accomplish that.

In the coming year you will need something to get your name out there more. People ask for them all the time and they are nice to have, if people, ever used them right, so if you enjoy carrying them around then make sure you have a stack of them, in a nice case, ready to hand out.

Right now Vistaprint has a deal where if you buy 500 cards, you pay ten dollars. There is also another deal for economy cards where if you buy 100 cards you pay 5 dollars. The nice thing about this site is that they provide all kinds of cards for you to select from. You can even upload your own logo (highly recommended) and put it on an existing template that they offer. In order to take advantage of the 500 cards you just have to enter promo code TV500. If you plan on getting that many cards just make sure that the design you pick up is good for all occasions.

Vista print also has cards for specific purposes as well, including, Networking Cards (starting at $16), Personal Business cards (starting at $8), and Parent Cards (starting at $8). Make sure to look around before you decide on what card you want printed. Vista Print provides a service on their website where you can browse the many templates they offer and then customize it with any design and information you want on the card. Just be sure to apply the promo code at the end or before.

Your card says a lot about you so make sure you design one that stands out. If you are having trouble coming up with business card ideas then click on this link for some ideas or this link for more cool ideas that other people have done.

The new year comes with all kinds of inspiration and there is plenty to be found in this amazing world so the next time you feel like your life is not going anywhere or you think that you have nothing to offer people, watch this video below to learn how a cat who is blind helps other cats and people learn to appreciate this wonderful world.

People need help in all kinds of ways and you never know where you will be inspired next. That inspiration might come in the form of a nature hike, but what about a hike with someone who can not see everything but can only experience it through smells, sensations, and touch. You begin to appreciate the gifts you do have and work to help one another. When one person is blind and the other is deaf then that pair can have a tremendous beneficial effect on each other, or as this movie showed us, a hilarious outcome.

I hope Honey Bee has inspired you a little to appreciate the gifts you have to share with those around you and that, no matter what handicap we have, or give ourselves, we still can help others. I will leave you with a quote from a famous person who was not only blind but handicapped in many ways but went on to achieve many things.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller