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You can Camp, Fish and Relax with this New Personal Plane

The world of personal travel is giving us options we never would have thought possible decades ago. We have flying cars, hover bikes, motorcycle helicopters, and now a personal plane for water, land, and snow. This is the kind of vehicle for a couple or single individual who has the freedom and time to travel anywhere making it the perfect vehicle for getting around. The light sports amphibious plane is known as World’s Most Advanced Plane (MVP).

If you live in an area where there are lots of lakes then this is a plane that you will want to consider buying because it would give you the freedom to go anywhere you wanted on a moment’s notice. Personal planes are nothing new but this one gives it a new twist, you can use it as a getaway location. You will be able to sleep in it, fish from, relax and read on it and probably lots more that people will be able to come up with once it gets on the market.

Freedom to Travel
The first part of the idea is nothing new, personal planes have been around for a long time. Many rich families buy them for the enjoyment of not having to buy airline tickets anymore, except in the case of overseas travel. Many individuals, families, and even commercial pilots own personal planes for many reasons, but one of the best is that they are able to go anywhere there is an airport to land at. Now there is a new plane that wants to change the freedom of travel by combing a number of options together and saving you money in the long run.

Say Hello to the MVP Aero Plane

You can see the number of ways a person could use this plane for getting around more. They are no longer limited to landing at an airport. They can use this plane as their own boat, they can land where there is water, and if they had a truck they can bring it on land and use it for camping inside. There are many features added on, as you could see from the video, hanging a hammock in the back to relax while reading a boat on the lake. If you could put up a canopy for sunlight protection you would have it made in the shade. While the plane in the video is not the final product, there is a chance that more will be added on later.


The multi-function of the plane will appeal to many people looking for something different in a personal plane. Those that already own a small plane will see this as something fun to have and enjoy, especially it if came with it’s own anchor system but I’m sure this plane was designed more for calm lakes instead of it the ocean where the waters can get dangerous at times.

There are so many things you could use this plane for
– quick getaways
– weekend fishing trips
– traveling around the world
– a travel blogger’s home
– Romantic Getaway
– Nature Trips
– Place for Inspired Writing
– Boating Trips
– Camping
– and Lots More!

You can watch an interview with Dan Johnson as he talks to the President of MVP AERO about the plane at the Annual Plane and Pilot Midwest LSA Expo.
Video Link

A Few Ideas for Improvement
This plane is already advanced and looking to be a great “toy” for anyone who has money to buy one ($189k, self-build kit $169k). When I first saw this plane I already thought there would be certain features already on the plane that made sense to have in the first place but now that I have read everything I can see that there will probably be later models (hopefully) that will add these on later (how else do you plan to keep appealing to new customers in the long run).

Features that Should be Present
Landing Gear: there is talk of a landing gear on the plane and that was a question I had while reading all of this because I never saw one picture of the plane on wheels so that made it a huge concern.
Anchor System: Yes I can see how some might say well you can just bring your own and that is true but we live in a modern world now where everything can be controlled by the flip of a switch so landing on the water and flipping a switch to drop the anchor while you set up your hammock to read will save you the trouble of knowing you won’t drift into anything on the water if you happen to fall asleep.
Combined Helicopter Engines: This would make it easier for landing in small fields and even parking lots. In many cases it could also be used for small lakes and such. I understand that the design of the placement of the engine is what makes it all compact and if the engines were moved to the sides of the wings they would not be able to fold in.
(USB) Plugs for charging: This might sound like a given but more and more vehicles are realizing how important it is to have plugs for recharging phones and any electronic devices, especially if you get stuck somewhere.
Canopy Slots: The hammock idea is a great part of the plane but should someone fall asleep with no sunblock, ouch. There should be slots to put up a canopy above the hammock creating much needed shade. This could even be an added feature or just something nice to do for your customers.

Even though this plane won’t be available for another 3 years it is great to know that such planes will be around. In the meantime there will be lots more entering the market during that time. The idea is to keep the plane compact, easy to use, lightweight, and versatile. If the plane gets too big it will be difficult to handle and the cost will go up. I can’t wait to see what the final product looks like once the plane enters the market. If anyone would like to buy me one I will not hesitate to accept.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing plane, visit their website

Be sure to check out there FAQ section as this will answer a lot about what they are still working on.
For those who have money to burn you can order your plane right now
Reserve My Plane Now

Be sure to say hello to the Team on their Twitter Page MVP_AERO