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Recent Spike in Altruistic Behavior

Business ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case, social behavior. Recently in the news there have been valid reports of wealthy individuals leaving money hidden in different places throughout cities for people to find and collect via social media. People have been going crazy over this new trend to find money hidden throughout their cities. It’s fun because it’s like a scavenger hunt with a pay off in the end.

What Causes it to Happen
This kind of behavior happens every year around Christmas time when random strangers will go into a wal-mart and pay off someone’s lay-way items. The news channels now like to start on this story as early as possible because it begins a trend right away. Part of the effect is that people enjoying watching those kinds of news stories but also because they do something else to viewers, it creates a feelings inside them that encourages them to go do the same thing. This is called the “CopyCat Effect.” It’s the same reason certain violent actions happen after watching someone else do that from the news that pushes another to go out and do the same thing only this time the effect is larger because of the positive behavior.

If you have participated already in finding some money then you understand how great of a feeling it can be to know that someone else used their money to give back to others so it encourages that person to pay it forward. In Austin people are encouraged to become their own givers by placing money around town. For many who find the money it has helped them tremendously because so many are in need of help. For those that are giving away the money, it creates a trend for others to help one another and that is what one program is encouraging others to do. If they find an envelope with cash in it then they should take a portion of that money and either add to it or pay it forward by posting on their website a clue as to where they placed it next.

Playing Catchup
If this is the first time you are hearing about this trend then maybe you should spend more time on social media or watching the news. If you would like to be someone who wants to help another person you can join in. If you are someone who is in need of cash then you can join in as well. The idea is to help one another by Paying It Forward, whether you are giving it away or finding it.

This is where it got started
Millionaire Gives away Money

If you live in Austin you can participate too
Read about the trend here

Check out the website Moolah Mystery
Sign up and register and then start following the website and twitter account
The people who run the website would like for you to post selfies with any cash you find. This is to show others that the program is real but also to spread good cheer.
Remember as a registered member you can give away money as well.

What these web developers have done for Austin is create a whole new way of doing business for the good of everyone. Remember your business model can be anything you want it to be and even though they are giving away money in the form of cash, there are other components at play in what they are doing. The individuals who created Moolah Mystery said they had been working on it for over 2 years to get it right. Although it looks easy enough, it is hard for a trend to catch on but giving away free money helps too. Good Luck!

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Twitter Helps Push the Trend
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