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Finding Your Passion

Vincent Brady is someone that created his own path for himself by going out and doing something he loves but never thought would take over his life. Using refurbished cameras rigged to a wooden board he was able to take some amazing shots of the night. Just look at this one video he took.

Amazing, right? The work he found himself doing is one that has caught the eye of so many other people. So how did he get himself into doing this? Simple, he just got up and went one day. He sold most of his stuff, got rid of his apartment and got into his car and went.

He started learning how to take 360 degree panoramas while also learning how to shoot long exposure shots. He took pictures during the day but also at night to see how different they are. He visits some of the best places to take pictures of the night sky. He travels with sky charts in order to find out where the Milky Way will be. You can see from his videos that he has gotten very good at what he does now.

Creating or doing something you love and enjoy should not be something you only get to do on the weekends or when you have a free hour. It should be something that drives your interests. If you have no ties to your life then you have no reason for staying home all the time. You can go and attend as many festivals and events as you wish. You can take day-trips to new places and see the culture in the surrounding areas. If you don’t have a car but use public transportation, map out places you’ve never been to and just go.

As I child I used to ride city buses all over my city and whenever I got to know one part of town really well I got on another bus and went as far as it was wiling to take me. I would get off in random spots because I knew the bus would be back in the same spot to pick me up so I was never afraid of getting lost. I found some amazing places and learned how to get around on my own. Something no child will learn about in school since they don’t teach kids how to take care of themselves, that’s not allowed on state mandated tests.

Entrepreneurs all have a passion for something and many times it requires the help of someone else to make that happen. I can tell you this, you won’t find it sitting at home, you have to get up and go and take the first step.

If you have an idea for building a product find some places around your city that offer to make custom products and see if they are willing to teach you how to do it. 3-D printers are now becoming more affordable so you can teach yourself how to create blueprints for your project and then print it out and sell it.

Maybe you are a photographer and you don’t have enough experience, post on craigslist or find a meetup group for photographers that you are interested in forming a group and going out and taking photos but also sharing tips and tricks with one another. Learning from others is one of the fastest ways of learning so why not form your own group. Maybe you know you need to read more business books but don’t have the energy for getting through some of them, well, form a business book club for entrepreneurs then. This will motivate you and keep you on track, and if you want to make it fun then make It a pot-luck event.

When you start to explore and take the limits off how you spend your time then you begin to see the world for what it really is. If you spend all your time in bed wondering when you will ever get to do such and such, then that’s not much of a life worth living. This is why successful people are up by 5 or 6 in the morning doing the things they are passionate about but its also the reason they are successful in the first place, they don’t make excuses for themselves.

Changing your habits
In order to get started with something you want to do, it’s important to be realistic as well so start with the first step. Find something you want to do and plan for it. Maybe there is a concert coming up or an outdoor festival you’ve always wanted to attend, Put it on your calendar and make sure no excuses come up that keep you from going. After you’ve made the effort of going, look for another event that you can add that is a little more consistent, either on a monthly basis or weekly basis.

Once you get that first habit down then you can start putting in a morning routine to help keep you going and doing what you enjoy.

You can learn more about how Vincent turned a hobby into his work. He has plans to drop the car and eventually go to Iceland where he wants to capture the northern lights there. Chances are that once he does, it will be an amazing video to watch once he puts it up. He’s pursing his dreams, so what’s stopping you from doing the same?

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