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These Apps Help the Blind See & Deaf Communicate

The power of crowdsourcing is all about bringing people together to solve a problem. Why spend all your time trying to solve a problem on your own when you could ask other people for help? When you bring people together to solve a problem you lower the cost and time to fix the problem. Crowdsourcing is the core power that drives majority of social media apps – you bring people together to solve two problems at the same time for businesses and friends. In the business world you have two groups of people that have needs, one needs a service and the other needs a job. By connecting the right people together the app solves a need right away. The apps for friends is evident because everyone wants to know what their friends are doing.

But what about certain areas that people forget about if they are not apart of that world? What about people who can not see and need help going about their day? Well there is an app that requests the help of people who can see with those who cannot. People who are blind can open the app and request the help from anyone. The app simply connects two people together which means that person could be anywhere in the world who speaks the same language. In case someone is busy or driving and can not answer the app there are other people all over who can pick up the call.

You can watch a demo of how the app works below

If you want to help and have an iPhone you can download the app and sign up. This is another way of helping people who struggle everyday by sharing your time. Most of the requests will be to read something they are holding or looking at. They will use their phone or tablet camera to show you what they are looking at so you can tell them in detail what it is. This can be very helpful to a blind person that needs a little help every now and then.

You visit their website to find out more about them. Be My Eyes

You can read more about this app in this news article.

Helping Deaf People Communicate
There are also apps that can help with many other disabilities. People who are deaf have a hard time dealing with people so being able to understand them clearly is important. The app I see what you say allows people to speak into a smartphone and then the words come out on the screen or a smartwatch. There is also a feature of the app for when a person rotates their wrist in a certain motion it will automatically launch the app.

This app was created by an entrepreneur who is deaf and also a Lyft driver. His name is Jibril Jaha and he is the co-founder, along with Michael Boyd, of Digital Army Devices, a company he created to help deaf people communicate with anybody else. He saw the importance of using technology to bridge the gap between these two problems. Deaf people know how to sign but not everyone understands how to interpret sign language. In order to overcome this issue he created an app that takes what a person says and translate it into text using Google Voice.

The voice-to-text translation technology has been around for a long time with word processing programs and speech-to-text technology coming before all of it today. His job as a Lyft driver helps him make money for his company while testing out the use of his app. You can think of his work with people as a little laboratory where he gets to meet a lot of different people and test for bugs. His job puts him in contact with lots of different people he wouldn’t normally meet so the fact that he brought the two together was a very smart idea. The app currently costs

Another great product that will soon help deaf people communicate is the UNI tablet. It “reads” sign language and translates the motions into words. The technology comes from Leap Motion, which is technology that translates motion into an action the computer can understand. Surprisingly enough the device for home use has been around for about 3 years now and every Christmas is not one of the hot-ticket items on everyone’s list even though you can do some amazing things with it. If you would like to buy a leap motion device you can purchase it here or at any Bestbuy location. Watch the video below to see how the tablet translates sign-language into words.

You can watch this video of Ryan Hait-Campbell talk about how and why he created Motion Savvy, which is a company comprised of only deaf employees. Their goal for the device is to be able to read over 20,000 signs, which it currently sits at 300. The tablet itself costs around $800 and $20 a month for service.

The push to help people with disabilities is moving faster and faster as technology starts to fill in the gaps between each problem. Pretty soon people will be able to see in their virtual eyewear devices what a person is signing and have it translated into speech that is fed directly to their blue-tooth ear piece. Is that kind of technology possible today? It is, it just needs support and funding to help make it commercial and to work out all the bugs.  If you think about that for a minute you will see how far we have progressed for mankind. We have the technology to make that possible, we just need more funding to help companies like Motion Savvy and Digital Army Devices help make it all possible.

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