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How to Network a Room

You contemplate attending an event. You say to yourself, “I don’t need to go, I already know plenty of people and besides, who else am I going to meet that I don’t already know?” You know there will be lots of people there and a part of you knows that you should be there but you figure you have other things to work on so you pass up the event. But there is another side of you that is not a fan of these events because you know that to get anything out of it requires you go up to people and talk. The fear of putting yourself in front of others makes you feel vulnerable and helpless, almost like you are begging them for help. The truth of the matter though is that these events are what help spread your career out in ways you never imagined. Don’t forget, they need your help just as much as you need theirs.

The Hell of Networking
Networking can be like hell when it is part of your job to be at events where passing out cards can seem like a waste of time. How many times have you gotten home after an event only to forget who that person was you were talking to? Many industries are popping up to help alleviate that problem, like Vistaprint, the savor of creating any kind of card to hand out to people. Unless you put your face on your card, no one will remember what you look like and what you do.

This is part of why people hate attending networking events. They find the table with the free drinks and hover there until someone else is lingering there and you make the usual insulting remark, “Boy, I hate coming to these networking events.” Whereby the other person replies, “yea, me too. The last time I was here I went home with like twenty cards, all of which went straight to the trash.” This ends with both laughing about how silly the whole thing is but ironically enough each giving the other their card because they enjoyed their time together making fun of everyone else.

Images of these from movies and past networking experiences conjures up bad feelings about networking parties and events. It is easy to see why so many people stay home at night instead of getting out and meeting people. The former doesn’t require any effort because it allows you to stick to your routine, and last time I checked nobody likes it when you mess with the status quo. The truth of the matter is that if you want to advanced your career, make a name for yourself, you need to be out networking.

The Many Faces of Networking
Networking comes in many different forms. Most people are introduced to these events in disguised called “parties” while growing up in school. At first the dance parties in middle school just consisted of boys on one side and girls on the other until some fateful soul makes the attempt to cross the line and asked one to dance. In high school things tend to change with parties being more open and free going at friends’ houses whereby your friends start to introduce you to more people you see in passing but don’t really know.

This is how your social circles start to expand and why the popular kids stay popular because they are always meeting new people and making new friends. The kids who don’t have many friends fear the aspect of getting rejected when they meet new people hence why they stay home more. This is an issue that continues for many who did not have a large social upbringing of always meeting new people. People with a poor social upbringing go on to attend less social events, less networking parties, and host less home events themselves.

College campuses provide many opportunities for people to explore their interests. This is why they say in student orientation, go out and join student organizations. You will meet new people who share the same interests, attend more social events that carry the same theme, and improve your social and networking skills all at the same time. Now think about all the people who go to college just for the courses and then ignore all the social events (or because they have to work) only to find that it is harder to find a job if and when they graduate. It has been shown over and over again that 80% of jobs are found through people you know and word-of-mouth referral. If this is where majority of jobs are found then why do people keep ignoring networking events? Partly because they have terrible networking skills.

College is filled with many opportunities to improve your social skills but the challenge to that is that you have to want to improve yourself first. You have to be aware of your lack of skills to know that you need help improving them. Many people grow up thinking that they don’t need these “soft skills” because they are not as important as having engineering skills or programming skills so they spend more time working on those to make themselves look good for who ever is hiring. Pro-Tip: Companies are more likely to hire someone from one of their current employee referrals than a new hire. Why? The company knows that the current employee has the skills and education needed to work at the company which translate to the type of people they socialize with. If they are friends with that person then they must same similar interests and skills. Pro Tip: Skills matter more than the name of the school you attended.

After college, if you still can not find jobs, applying online is a waste of time because you will only find the short end jobs that always need filling, why? Because most people don’t want to work in those jobs that is why those same job ads are always there. The turnover rate is high. The next networking landscape is specialized networking events. If you are an actor find networking events for your industry, if you are a programmer find networking events just for that, if you want to create businesses then network at incubators and pitch competitions. The challenge with this now is that once you find your area to connect with, how do you know what to do once you get there?

How to Work a Room
1. Approach with a Goal in Mind
Many people attend programs, workshops, and special events with no specific goal in mind. It is common to hear from people that they are only attending to find out what people are talking about and to get a feel for the “market trends” as they like to put it. This is just a simple way of saying, “I don’t know what I am looking for so I am just going with the flow.”

If you are attending a networking group or workshop on industrial design have in mind a few types of people you would like to meet and talk with. Once you have that figured out put a few more limitations on that, like, people who are currently employed with a design firm or industrial (engineering) firm. This will ensure that you are talking with people who understand what is happening in the market and that you learn more about their company and what positions they are hiring for. This also puts you in touch with currently employed contacts instead of people looking for work just like you. It is not uncommon to attend events like this and run into HR managers looking to hire talent right there on the spot. You just have to have the people skills to find them and know how to talk with them.

I attended a design workshop once where, when asked by the speaker how many were looking for work and how many were HR managers who had the ability to hire on the spot, half the room raised their hands looking for work and the other half were HR managers. The speaker then took it upon himself to tell the engineers literally what to say, “ok guys do you see the hands still up in the air? Here is what you do, go up to the person and say, “Hello, my name is so-and-so. I work as a such and such developer or engineer, please tell me more about the positions your company is hiring for.” It is not a secret that engineers have the worst people skills but this goes to show that many people still do not know how to work a room.

2. Work on your opening line
How many times have you run into people and you have to start the conversation? This can get trying for people who have to carry the whole conversation which creates a negative impression about you if you don’t have things to ask or talk about. People like talking with people who have something to share and say. When you meet a new person you should have an opening line that tells a little bit about yourself and leaves room open for the person to ask questions.

Examples: Hi, my name is Matthew, I teach middle school math for a private school and run an educational theater program on the weekends for low-income students. What do you do?

Hi, I’m Johnson, I’m a python coder for small businesses. How about yourself?

Hi, I’m Eric, so what brought you to tonight’s event?

Hi, I’m Frank, so how do you know the host of the party?

There are just a few opening lines to help you get a feel for how you should think about approaching others. You want to have something interesting to share or talk about in the beginning to help get the conversation going. If you can use humor to start things off then even better. Here are 8 more ideas on how to get a good first impression.

3. Stick to the 5 Minute Rule
It is great once you have a conversation going with people in a room. Sometimes the momentum is so great that you don’t want it to end so you figure you should play it safe and just enjoy your time. The truth of the matter is that you came to network and meet new people and you can not do that if you spend all your time talking to one person.

One of the rules that is popular in networking is the 5 minute rule. This means that in five minutes you should be able to introduce yourself, find out a little bit about the other person, share some ideas and connections, exchange business cards and set up a meeting to talk later. That is where the real connections happen later on. The event is to talk to as many people as you can so you can learn about who all is in the room and how you can help them and how they can help you. You spread out those connections throughout the week to meet up for lunch and talk further.

The 5 minute rule is a bit intimidating for new people because it requires a lot of advanced social skills to keep the conversation causal but not forced, friendly but not pushy, and easy going the whole way through. Sometimes the other person might go off on a tangent to tell a story so as to not come off as rude or pushy it requires some skill to bring the conversation back on track and move on.

This rule has exceptions of course, especially if there are not that many people at the event so there is no need to feel rushed but many times when these events only last an hour it can be hard to figure who to spend time with. If after you have talked with everyone then feel free to go back and finish a conversation with someone you enjoyed meeting.

4. Create special reminders on the back of business cards
It can be difficult to remember all the people you talked with at an event, especially if you attend at least three a week. The challenge with business cards is figuring out what to do with all of them after you have them. They take up space if you don’t plan on calling all of them back. The other challenge, once you have them, is remembering exactly what the both of you talked about. A simple trick is to draw or write something on the back of the card to remind you of what you both talked about.

This is really helpful because it keeps your memory on track and helps you pick up where you left off with the person. The simple act of remembering what you both talked about also leaves a positive impression with the person because it shows you cared to remember. The little things really do make a lasting impression with people.

5. Use Humor only if you know how
Humor is a fun tool to use if you know how it works. There are many people who are naturally funny and then there are those that couldn’t tell a joke to save their life. Being funny is a skill but a hard skill to learn if you did not grow up in a home where laughter was a common sound. Understanding the structure and dynamic to a joke is hard to learn in the beginning but worth the effort in the end. Once you know how to tell jokes and you have a natural wit then use it throughout your conversation. People enjoy being around others who can make them laugh and since laughter is the best medicine make sure to administer it when needed.

Humor is a great way to help break the icy feel of a conversation or a tense moment. Humor does many things for people who know how to use it correctly so if you have trouble with being funny or want to be remembered more then here are a few books to read.

How to be Funny on Purpose – Edgar E. Willis
How to be Funny – Davis Prick

6. Always Follow Up
This part is hard for many people afterwards. They feel the connection might not have been there as they thought. When you put to much thinking into something it starts to look different in a new light. Don’t over analyze something because you have no idea what else that person might be working on.

There are many great things you can say about what you remembered from the conversation from last night. It is important in your follow up to mention about meeting up sometime and talking further either for a quick coffee in the morning or lunch. Be sure to mention that you will also share their contact information with people who might be interested in their services. This shows that you are aware of what it is that they do but also willing to take your time to help give them more exposure. You will be surprised how much that really means to people to hear that. They will also feel the same about your services as well and offer the same help in return.

The last part is how you start to gain more exposure for yourself and your line of work. You need the help from other people to get your name out there. If you think that having a killer website and business cards is all that you need then you still do not understand the power of networking. The points I have listed here are just a few that I use when networking so understand there are a lot more things to consider. When you work as a freelancer or entrepreneur your whole line of work relies on excellent people skills. You need to understand how people are and how they present themselves in those kinds of situations.

This is why it is important to start attending as many events as possible. It doesn’t always have to be a networking event to meet people. Meetup.com is a perfect place to meet people of similar interests and connect through there. Once you start to improve your people skills then you can improve your networking skills and start landing job after job. But the only way to do that is to practice, practice, practice, and get yourself in front of people all the time.

Here are a few books you will want to read and study to get the most out of networking. Just remember, networking comes in all forms and just when you think you don’t need to attend anymore that probably means you need to connect with a new group of people to help you see a new perspective in life. Sometimes to get out of a rut the best thing to do is get into something new and challenging.

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Looking for High-End Jobs online? Your Wasting Your Time

Walk on to any golf course between the early mornings and lunch time and you will see many men puttering about on their golf carts with other people. They’re laughing, talking, and having a good time. From a distance they are just people enjoying a nice time out on the range shooting a few balls around.

During the same time that is happening there are people eating in nice cafes or restaurants either for brunch or lunch. Then there are the people who are enjoying a really nice dinner in a high end restaurant to cap off their busy day somewhere in the world right now. Again, from a distance they just look like people enjoying a nice meal and talking.

Now lets zoom in to those conversations. What is really happening there? Why aren’t the people who are playing golf at work? Don’t they have jobs and shouldn’t they be working to make money so they can support what ever it is they do? This is regardless of those who are retired and grew up doing the golf grooming thing. So, bottom line….why aren’t they working?

Real Work Happens Outside the Office
The truth about what those people are doing is that they ARE working, in the form of networking, conducting business deals, and talking over the details of prior arrangements. The idea of all business being conducted inside a closed office is one for the movies to show, and enough though some business does get done in those fancy rooms, people are people and high-end individuals like to conduct business in a fashion that is enjoyable for them.

The golfers and diners like to conduct business in a setting that puts them at ease so they can focus on what matters. This is also the place where offers are made, such as promotions and new job openings. The reason why you will never see an opening online for a CEO position is because those only go to people they already know (like a boys-only club), except in this case it’s an executives-only club. This is why people from Ivy Leagues have a greater chance of getting high end jobs, not because they know how to do the job (that’s just a given expectations and many times they have no experience so they will be groomed by their network of connections) but because their family knows people who know people who know who to talk to about getting the job.

Those dinners’ that happen over an expensive meal are meant to cover what is happening at the company. What new jobs are coming and in many cases, the new jobs that are created just to bring someone they like in to the company. This happens all the time. The higher up you know people the more power they have to create anything they want, even job positions. These are the very jobs that normally never get posted anywhere because they are only by word of month and friends of friends and even associates or class mates.

Word of Month Jobs
In many reportsstudies, and magazines articles, you find those never-heard-of-jobs through people you know or network with. I have been offered many jobs that didn’t exist because I have always been asked to come in and create programs for businesses. Would those jobs have been advertised if I didn’t take the job? Maybe, but the idea here is that companies are more interested in finding people who have proven that they know what they are doing and can see their work in action. This is better than reading a faceless resume. When people see what I am doing first-hand it takes out the guesswork of trying to find out if that person will be a good fit for what they are looking for. That is a better test than performing an interview.

In Keith Ferrazzi’s top networking book, Never Eat Alone, he explains the power of networking and why the top jobs always go to people who are connected with those at the top. These jobs are handed out because they see something in that person they know. More than 80% of jobs are found through a person’s network and the type of network a person has will depend on the type of job a person gets.

Rings on the Ladder
Many people complain that they never advertise the jobs they want online. I remember when I tried the whole looking for jobs online thing and found it to be a very depressing experience. Infact, if you look very carefully, the same jobs I was looking at a long time ago are still there on the sites today. Why is that? Well, those same jobs (ex. work from home, medical billing encoders, and sales reps for outlet stores, etc) are a whole business unto themselves, meaning there is a whole new business of making sure people take those jobs because the people posting them make money anytime someone signs up. Infact even the website The Ladders is an odd experience because if you are already making more than $100k (the only jobs posted on their website have to be more than $100k in salary) then chances are you are already surrounded by high-end opportunities through networking, your company culture, and even the jobs your friends are telling you about. So why would you use it if your company already posts all their jobs on their company website? Unless you plan on switching to another company.

So how does someone get out of that whole mess? If you want to improve the type of jobs you hear about you have to improve the type of people you associate with. Again, going back to Ivy League graduates, they have been around people who are successful in life and attend high-end events and parties. They mingle with other people who are successful and hear about opportunities that are not advertised. They end up working in jobs that are three or four levels higher than someone else who applied directly to the company would have started.

This is why birds of a feather flock together; why office assistants hangout with other office assistants and hear about more office assistant positions, why construction works hangout with other construction workers and hear about more jobs in construction, and why middle-class hangouts with other people in middle-class. If you want to find the jobs that are not advertised (i.e. executive level positions) and you have the knowledge, social skills, and some experience then you need to change your social circle of contacts and meet those who already work in those fields.

The last part I just mentioned is a difficult change for most people because if you have never been around people who have been successful their whole life and always been offered jobs instead of looked for them it can be a very intimidating experience. That is why books like, The Fine Art of Small Talk, The Art of Mingling, How to Win Friends and Influence People (I read this important book when I was in high school), Never Eat Alone, How to Make People Like You in 90 seconds or less, How to Work a Room, How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends, Conversational Speaking are so important to read. But very few people ever take the time to read these important books. Infact if you go to college, or even public school, no where in all those classes will you ever hear about these important books. These books teach you how to talk with people and make meaningful connections, they are the glue that binds us to other people. Something that is worth its weight in gold.

Creating Your Own Opportunities
Go on Kickstarter or Indiegogo and look at all the amazing ideas that people have come up with. Each idea for either a product or service is a business all by itself. These people, instead of sitting on their computer looking for jobs online, went out and created their own opportunities and gave themselves their own job. They created a good enough presentation for people to think their project was worth investing in.

The idea now is there are tons of different websites now that allow people to create all kinds of things on their own. Infact there are many websites, like Cafe Press and Threadless, that lets you create your own clothing line without ever touching a single piece of fabric. You just select the type of clothing you want to use, pick the style, and then upload your graphic image or text you want to appear on the clothing and then edit how it should look and then submit. You can create your own store online of all the different things you have create and post the link on your website or to give out to people you meet so they can see what you have done.

The ability to create any kind of business is so easy that it would only take you an hour or two at the most. You just have to be creative enough to come up with a fairly decent idea that people will be interested in buying. Even if the store is not successful right away (and you should never think your product or idea will be a viral hit right away, no one can predict that) you will have created something for you to showcase your talents that way if any employer is interested in hiring you then you can show them all the different projects you have created.

This is better than someone who sits at home all day sending out resumes to random employers for basic jobs that won’t go anywhere. If you create something at least that looks better than the person who does nothing all day. In either case, who would you hire?

Network Your Way Up
If you want to start networking then you can start by finding your cities main websites that tells you about all the events happening. A good place to start is your city’s Chamber of Commerce website and read about all the events happening. They always have networking opportunities. Here is how I would do it for Austin

Austin 360 Lists Tons of Events – Click Here to See
Austin Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar
Do512 – List of Events
Austin Business Journal – Events Calendar
Networking Austin
MeetUp – Business Networking Groups

As you can see I found tons of events to fill my entire fall calendar already. I will probably find a lot of new leads, job offers, and amazing opportunities by attending them. You can do the same for your city. A few key terms I used were “<name of city> networking events”, “<name of city> business events,” and “<name of city> business networking events.” That will help you out so take a look around and use the website Meetup to help. If you do not find what you are looking for, then use Facebook groups or Meetup to create your own networking group and invite people to join. You can also use Leftover Swap so you have food for everyone who attends or you can make it a potluck event. You can even create your own rules, like you introduce one person to someone and then that person has to introduce someone they know to someone else and pretty soon everyone knows at least two or three people at the networking event.

Whether you are looking for just a job to pay the bills or you actually want to elevate yourself into a new social circle then you will need the people skills to get you there. I have seen many great people at networking events bomb terribly, not because they didn’t have the skills or experience in their field but because their social skills were not up to par. I have heard comments or off-the-mark conversation topics, that they though were appropriate at the moment, that didn’t leave a good impression. The problem with that is they didn’t see it for themselves, they weren’t aware that what they were saying was making the other person uncomfortable.

If you want to improve your opportunities, get to know different people around you anywhere, and be able to have a conversation with anyone anywhere then my advice would be to read those books (their at your local library) and study them like you would for a final exam. It’s hard work because you have to keep testing out everything you read until you finally meet that person where you have a conversation with them that makes the both of you feel like you have known each other for a long time. That sounds easy reading it but it takes a lot of practice before you can make anyone your friend.

Once you know how to do that the world will open up with lots of opportunities.

Side Note: All the Books Listed in this article and in the Books Resource section of this website I have read. So I am not just posting books that have catchy titles. I have already put in the time and effort.

Expanded Reading List
Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Reputation Economics: Why Who You Know Is Worth More Than What You Have

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

What Got you Here Won’t Get You There

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These men took matters into their own hands and it paid off

Many people wonder what it takes for great things to happen to them. They think that someday something will change and they can start doing the things they want to do. Then there are the people who don’t make excuses in life and just go out and do it. These are usually the people you end up calling boss or CEO because it wasn’t easy for them to get there but they worked hard at it and did something with their time.

Then there are those that put in the time and effort and it paid off big time for them. I decided to write this article because over the summer I have been approached by a number of people asking me to help them build their business. We go over what they would like to do, what they want to sell, and how great their idea is. All the people tell me the same thing – that their business idea is one-of-a-kind and there is nothing else like it out there. Well, the thing is there probably already is it’s just a matter of putting in the time and effort and because there are people out there everyday who are the creators and hard workers at starting their own company they are just really good at making their idea happen. Then there are those that work hard searching online everyday looking to take someone’s idea and beat them to the finish line.

In all the people who have approached me, none have taken that first step of actually doing anything. One of my policies I have with everyone is that I don’t do anything for anyone until I see that they have completed something physical to show for their efforts otherwise I am just working for a paycheck on an idea that won’t really go anywhere. It is very rare that I meet someone who actually wants to start a business and has already put in the time and effort. That should tell you what makes starting a business hard in the first place, that first step of doing actual work.

The two stories I found recently caught my attention because I hear so many more people say they are looking for work. The advice that I am slow to give to others is that they should focus on teaching them skills that employers expect from them instead of spending all their time looking for work. The common response to that is, “Well, I don’t have time to sit and read all day I need to be looking for a job,” or “I don’t have the money to go back to school.” You don’t need to spend money to teach yourself anything anymore, you just need a library card and last time I checked those were free. Plus, why apply for jobs if you don’t even have what employers are asking for?

Meet a College Student who Saved a Woman’s Life
Blake Pryor was driving in his car on the highway either heading home or going out for something when he drove up onto a flyover and noticed something that caught his attention. He says that it was a gut feeling that made him pull over and assess the situation. There was a woman who had parked her car on the fly over and from where she was standing was a 100 foot drop down onto busy traffic. The lady was standing there looking over the edge and it was that instinct of knowing that something didn’t look right that made him stop in the first place. This lady was trying to commit suicide.

Blake said that he approached the woman and looked over the edge with her just to make sure that she knew he was there and even though she made several motions to jump, the fact of Blake stopping, showing appreciation for her and giving her his attention was enough for her not to take her own life. He gave her a hug and told her it wasn’t worth it. After officers arrived they commended him for his efforts to keep a woman from taking her life.

This whole event took place at night in the city of Round Rock on one of their flyover highways and when the police department posted it on their facebook page the article received thousands of comments and likes. People like hearing about stories like this because I guess it makes them feel all warm inside or they are glad to know there are nice people out there like him. For Blake his gut reaction to stop, check out what was happening, and offering his time was enough to catch the attention of many other police departments because he has been offered multiple job offers now. It gets better, so not only does he have many job offers already extended to him but his studies in school match what he wants to become, a police officer. He is studying criminal justice at Tarleton State University.

Everyday there are many people looking for work by getting on a computer and posting resumes and paying for classes that teach them how to write amazing cover letters and resumes not realizing that one of the best methods for finding a job is talking to people. Blake had no intention of landing job offers from his efforts nor was that his intention. He did what was required of him at the time and that was all that was on his mind. I can’t tell you how many times I have been offered jobs or asked to check out a program just because I started talking to someone and asking more about what they do. People want to be appreciated and people will talk to you if you know how to approach and talk with them. Books like

The Art of Mingling: Proven Techniques for Mastering any Room by Jeanne Martinet
The Fine Art of Small Talk by Debra Fine

will show you how to do that and more. Infact, these books are so important to read that it surprises me that schools don’t teach that, but many universities have had to add them to their outside programs because they get complaints from employers that their graduates don’t know how to talk to people properly. Such an important skill and yet efforts are spent more on standardized testing. What Blake did was amazing and his efforts were rewarded by what he was able to do. He doesn’t have to worry about job interviews or sending in his resume because it was his efforts of doing something that mattered more.

You can read more about Blake and the full story here
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Meet a Guy who freed himself from Jail by studying Law for 12 Hours a Day
If I was to tell you that the best way to learn anything is to find some time alone, sit down and read, you would probably find every excuse in the book for getting out of it even though you know you need to do it. Ask any college student when they will clean up their dorm or do their laundry and they will tell you “when I have some time,” but the second it’s time to study for exams you will find majority of students cleaning their places instead of doing what they need to be doing.

The reason for it is because people will give excuses over to things that they know need to be done but don’t prioritize until it gets them out of doing something more important. For Rondell Sanders he didn’t have any excuses because he was in prison and there was nothing for him to do all day. He asked his family to raise some money so they could buy him some law books for him to study. After they raised the money and sent him the books he told his family to stop visiting him so he could focus on studying.

The push to study so hard came after the fact that he lost his initial trial and his lawyers were doing nothing to help him. He knew he had to figure out how the legal system worked and he did that by studying law and that is what he did for 10-12 hours a day seven days a week. There was nothing else for him to do so he made a valid use of his time. His efforts paid off because he was freed  (Jul 23, 2014) after he won his third acquittal trail having spent 20 years in prison (1994) for a murder that he said he was innocent from. He is now adjusting to his new life in society and trying to get used to having those freedoms again.

Sanders said that he loves law now and would love to work in a law firm to help people in his situation. He says he understands what it means to not have anyone listen to him because he was there and met others that felt the justice system ignored them. His real push to learn law came from knowing that his family didn’t have a father there to listen to his kids and he didn’t want that. I’m sure the job offers have come to him in some form or another for his efforts to free himself.

This story goes to show that you don’t need to enroll in a major university or night school program to get an education. You just need to stop with all the excuses grab the books that will teach you what you want to learn and sit yourself down and study. There is nothing else to it but for those that are not serious about that they will continue to find every excuse of getting out of it. If this man was serious enough to put in that much time then you can find at least half of that in your day. And if you are sitting there thinking that you don’t have any time, you do, no one needs to watch that much Netflix in a day.

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The First Step to Starting a Business
The first thing you need to do is stop making up excuses to keep you from taking the first step. Sit down and write out what your business is all about. This process is called, “Writing a Business Plan.” Second don’t think for one second you need to go to business school to get a degree in this stuff or that you need an MBA so you don’t miss out on something important to know. Here are two books to read that will teach you what you need to know to help you get started so you can then hire those that did go to business school to run your company once it’s up and running.

The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship by William D. Bygrave
The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman

After you have read those two books and written your business plan then you will know what the next step is and by then you will have put in enough effort and momentum to get you going that you won’t think of stopping.

Get out there and start appreciating people more and you will be surprised how much the world opens up to you. Then make it a point to read and learn something. Yes the laundry needs to be done but it doesn’t take a full day to do it. Learning apps have made it easy now to learn anything on the go. If a man, who didn’t go to law school, can teach himself law then anyone else can you just have to want to do it, and that is the hardest step.

As for the people still asking me to help them with their businesses, well I’m still waiting for them to make the first move in the mean time, there are a lot of ideas out there floating around but it doesn’t take a genius to make the first move.