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This developer worked with Steve Jobs, now he works for himself

Many tech companies hire students before they even graduate, but this one computer science major wanted to finish his degree to make sure he had something to show for his time. When he finally graduated he had to wait for Mr. Jobs to come back and approve the hire because he was on vacation.

He went on to work on creating the safari web browser app on the iPhone. The experience of working with Mr. Jobs right away was something that surprised the new hire. He didn’t think he would be asked to create something that millions of consumers would be using right away on a product that no one had ever seen before. The experience that Mr. Jobs taught him about work ethics is something he has carried with him since his time at Apple. Now he creates his own apps and works for himself after selling his first company to Motorola.

The key thing that to take away from the article is this. In college he worked on a special webkit on his own time that made Apple recruiters notice his work. It was his ambition to create his own projects while still going to school that helped get him noticed. If your in school, college, or university and all you do is the work your professors ask of you, then you are not doing enough. You are not understanding the point of going to school.

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