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The Impossible just Happened, Probe lands on Comet’s Surface!

If you don’t keep up with your science news then you just missed out on the most important advancement of our civilization yet. Think of the whole operation like this. You are in a room and you have a cup with a diameter a little bigger than a golf ball about a hundred yards away and you get only one crack shot at hitting the golf ball just right so that it lands in the cup on the first try, oh and the whole room is dark with no light anywhere.

That was the analogue used to describe what it was like to land this space probe on a comet millions of miles away from our home. In this case, a rocket was to take the little space probe which they called, “Philae,” from his mothership which was called, “Rosetta,” and detach from the rocket and then try and land on a comet that is traveling at 37,000 mphs. Rosetta will actually be part of the comet team and study it from a distance while the probe will collect samples and study the comet. It will teach us more about the origins of the universe and help us to understand how comet’s impact life on other planets and ours. In order to keep the probe on the surface it attached itself with harpoons into the surface along with a few other methods. This is progress for a project that is 10 years in the making. When Philae landed on the comet’s surface he tweeted out, “Touchdown! My name address: 67P!

You can follow him on Twitter, because I mean, come on, who doesn’t have a twitter account by now, right? Even a space probe has a twitter account with 107k followers as of this writing. Can you imagine the number of tweets going out if Twitter was around during the first moon landing? That would have been crazy but what’s even crazier is that when we land on the moon again, we will be able to tweet with the astronauts. Yes twitter even will be able to reach the moon, oh and a little space probe 317 million miles away from earth. That’s progress in science and technology for mankind. Enjoy

Carl Sagan would be very happy today if he was alive to see this amazing event.

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