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If you think you know how farmers work, think again

We all have some ideas of the life of farmers but it’s not very clear what they have to deal with now that more and more people can look things up online about how food is grown. Every time you hear someone say, “Eat only organic!” they have no idea what they are doing to the price of foods for everyone else because it has a circle effect. Want more organic foods from the farm? Sure, then be ready to pay higher prices then. Farmers are aware of this and it puts a huge strain on their production line.

James Moll decided to find out exactly what farmers did and were like in his new film. He grew up all his life in LA but never once on a farm. What he learned surprised him a lot. Read the story and go watch his movie, Farmland.

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Want to build your own dinosaur, or at least, pay someone to do it for you? Here’s how

Dinosaurs will always be fascinating, not just because Jurassic Park showed the world what dinosaurs would really look like but also because they are larger than life creatures. So when architect grade student Lisa Glover was asked to create something that would show manufacturing in a unique way, came up with the idea of building a 15 foot dinosaur, that you can wear.

She launched a kickstarter program to help get money to build more so when she posted her goal of $8,000, the response she got back will astound you. If you want to donate, check out her kickstarter page all in all, it’s an awesome idea worth looking into.

Grad student brings Dinosaurs back

What tool would you use if majority of the students had a learning problem?

The famous film maker, Ken Burns, went to a small town in Vermont and told the story of how one all-boys school uses the famous Gettysburg Address as a teaching tool for improving their education skills. Majority of the boys who attend Greenwood School all have some kind of learning disability. He explores the history of the address along with the context of how the boys learn the speech. In the end, in an almost contest like fashion, each boy is made to recite the speech word for word. What he discovers about the wonders of this speech and the boys will amaze you.

Learn more about the impact of his film here

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