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Can you identify the viral component in each video?

Viral videos are fun to watch because they have something that makes us so interested in watching them, sometimes over and over again. It now has become an art to create videos that spread like wildfire. But what makes viral videos spread so fast? In a previous article written it was discussed that awe-inspired is one component that makes something go viral but what about videos that look basic on the outside? Why do they go viral? Note- all original videos had millions of hits.

Watch these videos and try to identify each video’s special trait. Feel free to post your answers down below. Ex: Name of video with Viral traits next to it.

This man, Dan Berber, created a doggy paradise by creating self-powered wooden trend mills. In the video below it has caught on like fire just recently with so many people impressed at what he has done for dogs. If you like that watch his swimming video for dogs.

There are videos where the <insert trait here> just goes off the charts that you can’t help but watch it a few more times. These kinds of videos catch on for a couple of reasons and it’s the reason they are able to rack up millions of hits so quickly. These two girls posted a video of them just singing a song they like and they ended being flown over to Los Angeles to appear on the Ellen show and now they are a regular part of Ellen’s show and appear in TV shows now. All because of that first video they posted.

Then there are videos where you are just amazed at the talent that pours out of it that you begin to wonder why you haven’t learned that yourself. In these two videos you see children performing very complex dance routines.

Then there are the videos that you wonder, at first, why you would need to watch them but then you realize they offer something that is useful in the end. After watching them you realize why they were viral hits in the first place. In the two videos below you are shown a new way of doing something you have done many times before but now in a more efficient manner. The second video will correct a mistake you’ve probably been making since you first saw it.

Now we move on to these kinds of videos and why they go viral. There is no need in explaining why, infact, out of the millions of videos that are out there on the subject I decided to only post one because this article would never end if I included the best.

Whether you are looking to find the best viral videos or make your own for your company or to practice, it’s not an easy feat. Infact some videos create more videos because of people’s reactions just as these viral videos did. Can you find out why?

What made this video go viral so fast?

What was the real story behind this film?

This video sparked a nationwide debate on beauty, but what did it do for the brand?

This video helped change the course of political debate during elections in Mexico, why?

Music videos are another that have viral components to them. Some happen because of a death by the singer or the song is so catchy that it takes off, or is the latest trend in music.

If you were able to identify all the components in each video give yourself a pat on the back. It means you are able to understand some of the new marketing tactics that viral videos have created. It’s no longer the case that you have a great product or service in order to get people to watch, there has to be other characteristics in the video in order for people to share it with others. Once you know what they are then you will be able to get your name out there faster.

I will post answers to each video next week.