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In an effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention, people look to Mrs. Doubtfire

In an effort to show care and concern for preventing suicide people all over have been putting forth their best Mrs. Doubtfire face and posting it online. The groups’ hash tag is #DoubtFireFace and you can search for it through twitter or online. You can see the many videos that people have already posted on youtube, facebook, and twitter. As a scene that is a classic piece of film history now you can take a look at the role that made everyone wish they had a nanny like Mrs. Doubtfire growing up.

You can see more videos that people have posted in this Huffington Post Article showing their own Doubtfire face. A quick search on youtube pulls up many other videos as well.

If you are interested in helping out, please visit the many sites dedicated to stopping suicide from happening.

Facebook Page – DoubtFireFace
Help Raise Money for the Program
National Suicide Prevention Program – 1-800-273-8255