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This guy combined two types of new technologies to create one (old) impressive effect.

Creating a Pepper Ghost is an illusion technique that has been around for a very long time. It involves using lights, angles, pieces of glass and several other tools in order to make the audience believe what they seeing. In this video, Adrien M / Claire B, create a video that shows an illusion from the reflection of the laptop screen.

They use technology to create digital art and apply that to acting, theater, dance, and art. This is a great example of someone who has crossed computer science with technology and fine arts creating a new form of entertainment using hand motion awareness from LEAP Motion technology.

What to Take Away From This
You should see the combing of several different fields to create a new field. you are looking for ways to improve or add-on to what you are already doing and if there is one person who knows how to do something really well then you should combine your efforts to come up with a new idea. In a world where people share more information now about themselves it is very easy to find anyone looking to create something with someone who is willing to put in the same amount of work. Their collaboration shows a new form of entertainment that people enjoy watching that years before would only have existed in a math lab where experiments are done.

Try to find news ways of using something you find. A simple bottle opener could be turned into something different (and maybe even frustrating) but worth buying if you know how to look at things in a creative fashion.