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You can control everything with a wave of your finger

You might be wondering what new fandangle device I’m referring to now but this piece of technology should make you wonder just how far technology is coming.

Logbar Inc. are the makers of this amazing device called Ring. It’s a ring that you wear that is connected to a smartphone app that lets you perform actions in the air using the movement of the finger wearing the ring. For example, if you came home and wanted to turn on the lights then you would just swipe up in the air with your finger and the lamp would turn on. The ring would also let you pay for something by drawing in the air the amount of the bill and then drawing a check mark in the air to signal to the app to pay for it. The video down below shows how it works.

Logbar Inc. was able to go past their kickstarter goal enabling them to go from just a concept idea to a full-fledged product. Their initial goal was to raise $250k but in the end they reached $880,998 showing that this was a product many people wanted. Their investors felt deeply about this device as it would make performing certain actions a lot easier, and if connected to Google Glass, would make it quite a revolutionary product for everyone, which is compatible with already, including smart watches. We already have magical wands that can controls devices around the house, so why not a ring that can interactive with different apps and wearable technology?

The Ring was exhibited at SXSW 2014 where it received a lot of attention. In this video you can see people interacting with the device. The device is capable of submitting txt messages, notifying users of alerts they get from their phone, use gesture control, and pay for things with finger gestures.

The great thing about this ring is that the developers made sure that it works with both iOS and Android software so that it can reach as many uses as anyone can come up with. It is also bluetooth compatible so that also extends its many uses. The great thing is that CNN named it one of the top ten inventions so you can check out what other inventions they have already named. First shipments will be out by July of this year. Check this product out to find out how you can get your hands on one.

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The thing about ideas today is that they are everywhere and now that more and more people have access to the internet and international laws still don’t mesh well, it’s easy for others to see a product in one country and copy it in another. This similar device looks just like The Ring except you wear it on your thumb and its called the Fin where it received attention back in March of this year. You can watch the video below to see if there is anything different, except the design. This was created by 23 year old Rohildev N hailing from Kerala in India with RHL Vision, the same team that he works with now working on Fin.

You can read this interview he did where he talks about how he came up with the idea, all the troubles he ran into, and what else he plans to do with it.
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This is another wearable device that you wear on your finger but this ring also has a “click” function where you can tap on its side to mimic the same action you would clicking on a mouse. It works with both iOS and Android and lets you control any device with bluetooth function or universal remote function. Nod lets you can perform many of the same functions except you will need a screen of some sort in order to know where you are pointing. Created by ex-google engineer Anush Elangovan he was someone who saw a trend coming and created something that can interact with your everyday devices.


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This device is made mainly for women but it can be worn by anyone of interest. The device is called Ringly and it’s made to have style and look like a piece of jewelery when worn except it performs all the same kinds of functions, it lights up when you get an alert on your phone letting you know you have a text message or statue update on any social media site you signed up for, which the other devices listed on this article are capable of doing as well. You can check out the videos that demonstrate and talk about the product.

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