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Robots about to take more Jobs in the U.K.

In what sounds almost like something from a science fiction story, the U.K. is making a huge push to have robots replace many of the jobs that people have relied on for awhile now. Robots have been replacing jobs as early as the 80s, they are now becoming mobile and able to perform more complex tasks, like decommissioning nuclear sites, delivering pizza, and carrying for people.

In a paper written by scientists from the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Special interest Group it talks about how the government can increase robotic research in schools and universities and help them get more funding. The paper also talks about creating regulation and standards in the workplace for robots in order to ensure safety but also quality and job placement. The idea is to create robots for tasks that are very dangerous, as we have seen in movies and science fiction novels all over.

The push though will be to ensure that robots will not be a risk to people’s jobs but rather a coexisting space. In many cases though there will be jobs that will get eliminated and that is just natural. This is why there is a push all over the world for more people to study robotic engineering and science. There, especially in Asian countries, the US, and the EU, the demand for robotic scientists will be in high demand.

Sudden Push
The reason there is a push is because U.K. sees this market as a lucrative area to expand in because most of the robots that work in the country now are not manufactured there and this is a big concern for them. In order to meet the demands of many industries, and become less dependent on outside companies building their robots, the U.K. wants to increase the research and testing and building of their own robots. They want robots that are created by their own people so they can understand their needs better. No sense in having to send over U.K. people to tell Japanese robotic engineers how to program them to understand their culture and needs.

There are robots already that can build houses in just a few hours, there are robots that can work in dangerous radiation areas without needing any medical care afterwards, and robots that can teach children how to learn so it makes sense to start pushing in the right direction, but as shown in my previous post about giving robots too much there just has to be a limit as to have much we will give robots before something goes wrong.

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