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Teachers offer lesson plans for pay

Kids in class

Gone are the days when teachers had to fend for themselves to come up with their own lesson plans for the school year. The day-by-day management of classroom course work can create a lot of stress on teachers, especially first-year teachers. Now there are more options than ever with pulling from other teachers who have been doing this a long time. The amazing thing to learn about this new “sharing economy” is that there is a lot of content already available for anyone to pull from and use.

Lesson Plan Creation
If you remember the days of when you went to school you didn’t really think much about the work that was put in front of you except that you had to learn it and turn it in for a grade, which amounted to even more work for the teacher to do, even after they came up with the assignment. As kids you didn’t really think about where that work you did came from because you just wanted to get it over with so you could go back to talking with your friends.

For elementary teachers this process is fairly easy because you have the same students all day long, except for those that rotate for other subjects throughout the day or even week. You can blend your lesson plans together and if one day the students fall behind you can still play catch up with all of them because you know your students so well. That is the nice thing about planning your lessons for younger kids because they were just interested in learning and doing their best and for even most of them getting stars on their charts or golden stickers on their assignments with 100’s made their day so they were happy regardless.

In the middle school and high school range, the challenge with lesson planning gets very complicated because not all classes work at the same rate or level so coming up with new and interesting topics everyday or weeks can be very difficult, especially when you have kids that learn faster or slower than others. In order to reduce the amount of lesson planning that teachers are required to perform many of them break up their semesters into smaller chunks that revolve around certain topics, for example, biology teachers will focus on animal and plant cells for a week or two before moving on to the next level. This is why English teachers assign X number of books a semester because their lesson plans focus on just the content of each book for a few weeks.

Sharing What Your Good At
It should not come as a surprise that teachers have more options than ever in getting support for their classrooms. Infact, there are many new ways that teachers can now support and provide for students just by using crowdfunding sites to help assist the kind of work they want their students to learn with by getting the resources they need. This is very important to the future development of student’s educations because it can mean the difference between one student falling in love with science or another losing interest in math because the lesson plans created just didn’t make sense.

The resource that I’m about to talk about stems from the whole sharing and gig economy model. Many people are learning to become their own entrepreneur using sharing apps to make extra money. It should not come as a surprise that many people who work part or full-time jobs also work for Uber or TaskRabbit in order to make extra money to pay the bills. Now teachers can make money doing what they are good at – Creating Lesson plans. Teachers Pay Teachers is a website that lets teachers browse countless lesson plans and resources that teachers have created and posted for others to buy and download. The great thing about this website is that not only are teachers rated on the content that they create and sell but also that each content item that is posted is also rated for quality assurance from other teachers. This helps people know beforehand whether or not it is worth buying.

There is an app version available on the iPhone and Android market but there are many bugs that need to be worked out and you can not purchase anything on the app, just browse. Once those issues get fixed and people can purchase them with their paypal account then I believe this will be a very powerful app. The website though is still superior to the app because this is content you will want to review on a large screen, not a tiny phone screen. Many lesson plans offer previews so you know that what you are purchasing is worth the price.

The prices range from free all the way up into the hundreds. In many cases the lesson plans that cost more than a $100 are for long periods of time or even workshops of a large magnitude. The most expensive listed items cost in the thousands and not surprising many of them have never been purchased or rated for that very reason. Teacher salaries do not have the flexibility to be able to afford such high cost plans so that is something to consider if you plan to use the service. The range that is most common tends to be from 10 to 40 dollars.

Variety by the Item and Seller
The interesting thing about this website is that it was created with the idea in mind of teachers selling other teachers their lesson plans but now that the site has gotten more popular in recent months, textbook makers and publishing houses that specialize in educational material are now putting all their books and lesson plans and supplemental materials on the website. What makes the website great in the beginning is that it was teachers helping teachers teach better with materials that they perfected and have found that their kids enjoy. Now that large companies are coming in it takes away from the fun.

The variety of what the site offers, in terms of use, is that anyone can focus their search results by many options; subject matter, price, resources, and grade level. The most popular option that people enjoy is the free section of items because it includes tons of free things that teachers can download and use right away. Many of the items include games, charts, posters, and poems. Again this is very useful to any teachers who is looking to fill their students time with productive activities that encourage more of what it is they are learning in class.

In addition to all the custom lesson plans that teachers have created there are also a lot of Common Core items coming up that teachers have created that will help others improve their students scores. In many cases there are posters that highlight important things to know which can help students focus on learning the right material. There are also assessments that can be purchased to help make sure your students are on track to pass.

Success from Selling
This website has been a blessing for many teachers because it means another source of income for teachers. The challenge of course is being able to teach your classes and still put out new content for all your fellow teachers to purchase, especially your group of followers that some tend to create. It is interesting to learn that only 12 teachers have become millionaires using the site with 300 teachers earning in the 6 figure range. These are teachers who know what it means to create lesson plans that are easy to use and understand but also that students will enjoy and get the most out of them but also learning how to price your items correctly.

Just like with any other website that is similar to this, infact the same thing can be done on Amazon or eBay, it all comes down to how well you market what it is you do. There are helpful tips and guidelines provided by the website that explain the importance of using social media to keep your followers updated on new content in your profile. In any case this website is a much needed service for anyone that is a teacher that wants to put their name out there but also build a new stream of income. It doesn’t matter if you teach in a public school or provide private lessons at home anyone who is a teacher in any capacity can use this website to share what it is they are good at.

If you would like to sign up and start selling or just purchase items keep in mind there are three different types of accounts available, two of which are free. If you just want to download free items and purchase things there is a free individual account but if you want to sell items then you can also get one for free but you won’t get a dedicated homepage to your services which is what the third account offers.

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Freelancing the World

The growth in the “gig” economy is booming because the structure of work today is so uneven. Jobs do not carry a guarantee that it will be there in five or ten years so people need to understand that they have to start doing something for themselves to ensure that they have a steady income in the future. The rise of apps that allow you to piecemeal a living wage is a blessing for many because they can now rely on different sources of income to make up for the lost hours from work.

More and more companies today are cutting hours because the costs are too high with many companies not having enough work for employees to do or, in the case of companies like Wal-Mart, restricting employees to only work a set number of hours and giving the rest to other employees to make up for the remaining hours, which takes away from someone working a full-hour work week and getting benefits. In order to handle such a living apps like Uber and Postmates are making it easier for people to gain a footing on their income by using their free time to pickup odd jobs for other people.

The start of the sharing Economy
The rise of this new market system started happening in the 70s when companies were encouraged to trim down their hiring practices but it wasn’t until the realization of what the internet could do that it started giving people more options for jobs. Ebay showed people that they could sell their own personal belongings to anyone in the world and turn that into a job. Amazon allowed people and companies to open up their own store online and sell directly through them enabling them to become the online store with everything. Then YouTube came along and turned visual content into a full time job and now that apps are around people are able to come up with new options of creating their own source of income in ways they never thought possible.

Ebay became the first online yard sale website to offer used items that people sold. The creative disruptors’ of the world saw this and knew the potential for what it was really worth. That is when you started seeing users who were making a lot of money off of Ebay because they were the first to embrace online purchasing with the use of paypal but they also saw that you could turn this into a full time job. The users who took advantage of what Ebay is all about, online marketing, became powersellers and would go out and find unique items to put up on their account to sell. Just think of the show, American Pickers, but with the hosts taking what they found and posting it up on Ebay to sell. In the case of Ebay you have a 1 seller to anyone ratio with the highest bid winning, just like at an auction but also the thrill of a game. If you listen to the song “Ebay” by Weird Al you can begin to see the crazy appeal that some people get out of using it.

Amazon started as this new website that allowed you to purchased stuff from a store online that you couldn’t actually visit to touch any of the products. The hard part about getting people to sign up and use it was getting people comfortable enough to use their credit card online. The appeal for businesses and entrepreneurs came when Amazon allowed them to set up their own store online because at the time, who knew how to build websites? There were no website building sites like there are today to make it easy so if anyone could post products and sell through Amazon, which they handled all the payments and processing, why not take advantage of that? Many people did because they could offer the best deals found online and still to this day Amazon offers some of the best deals online. The reason for this is because so many companies are signed up on Amazon just incase Amazon itself cannot offer the better deal they might have another company that does. Amazon now makes it very easy to self-publish your own books which many people have taken advantage of with some people publishing hundreds of books on their own that would have never gotten approved from formal book publishing companies.

YouTube then came in and showed people that you could post content online and make money doing that, entertaining people. Many people today make a nice living on making content that people enjoy watching which has really created this new economy of finding and creating your own kind of work which is exactly what the apps like Uber and Airbnb and even TaskRabbit now offer.

Apps for different skills
Once companies started using the internet more to outsource jobs that is when American’s realized they had to start finding new lines of work. Many people today rely solely on these apps to make up for their income. The required skill of time management is so key to balancing all these apps that you have to check them on a regular basis (meaning every 2 minutes) or risk losing a job to another person.

The reason companies went the route of outsourcing was because it allowed them to focus on what they do best instead of managing payroll and taxes and health benefits. The use of full time employees for that is a drag on helping the company stay lean and nimble in hard times. The use of contract employees for small projects is something more companies favor because it means no dealing with benefits of perks.

The growth in apps will only continue which means the more apps you find that connect people with other people for work, the faster the adoption of the app. People like apps that make it super easy to sign up and start making money. If you can make repairs around the house at a moment’s notice then apps like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack make it very easy to post a job and get a reply within a few minutes from people who are qualified.

The rise in personal projects such as errands, grocery shopping, and little household jobs are where Favor, Postmates, Fancyhands, JobRunners, Airtasker, Agent Anything, and Needto all come in and provide options for people to find work. People who are a jack of all trades would find websites like these a heaven sent option because it means they can look for quick jobs that last from a few minutes to a few short hours. I will provide a list below of all new companies that are joining in to provide these kind of services of connecting people with job takers.

The interesting thing to note is that many people who do use apps like Uber and Airbnb and TaskRabbit majority of them have college degrees and use their extra time to make a little extra money.

The Future of the Workplace
It is not surprising to learn that many companies are using these apps and websites to find short-term employees to fill in their labor needs. You might be wondering, “why not just hire those people then?” Well most jobs are not long term and many do not even fit a part-time requirement. Wonolo is a company that was created out of the Coca-Cola Founders platform, which helps entrepreneurs launch their startup ideas and started by AJ Brustein and Yong Kim.

The purpose of this two-year old company is to help companies find employees on short notice that are pre-screened and qualified for the work. Many of these jobs operate inside the companies they are hiring for so, for instance, they might need helping with packaging or shipping items or even delivering to customers. The range of work they have listed covers a broad range of jobs, some that require a college degree and experience and others that you are available and pre-screened.

The future of the workforce is such that it is cheaper to hire people this way for short-term projects then to keep people on full-time or part-time. How many times have you gone to work and seen people just fluttering around because they don’t have much work to do. The company could have spent that money on something better. That is why companies do not hire for long-term anymore and they are cutting and reducing jobs at a fast rate because it makes no sense to keep on a full staff of employees for jobs that only need work when the time comes.

The nice thing about sites like Wonolo, Amazon Home Services, and TaskRabbit is that they enable anyone, regardless of age, to be able to work and make a living doing what they are good at. There are some people who are great handy men but what company is hiring for that?  Now they can sign up with all these different services and start finding work right away. Wonolo has mentioned that their services help people promote themselves in jobs that would have been hard to get otherwise but that they do have a number of people who have secured full-time work using their service.

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This website helps people find work in the Sharing (Temp) Economy

The creation of the sharing economy has created a whole new line of work that was out there before but is now easier to find. What the technology of apps has done for people is open up a world of jobs that existed before, but within a limited communication field (essentially it was a who-you-know kind of world), and made them known to everyone that knows what app to find them with. Uber, Favor, and TaskRabbit have all created this new movement of microearners which has now made everyone their own microentrepreneur now. The great thing about all this is the apps let you decide when you want to work and when you don’t so you never have to worry about keeping a regular schedule. The downsize to that way of making money is if it is your only source of income then you will need to use those services as much as possible.

The sharing economy has created a whole new line of businesses (true entrepreneurs are always looking for new problems and solutions) that help independent contractors manage their time and money using sophisticated analysis tools. A typical Uber drive might believe they are making $25/hr but after taking into account idle-time, driving to pick-up and drop-off, and filling up on gas that $25/hr might actually turn out to be only $5.50/hr. There are services available now to help freelancers determine how best to use their time and which services offer the best return.

If I was working in this kind of economy I would want to know what my real hourly-wage is compared to what the company tells you. That $14/hr job working for Favor at night for only two-hour shifts might actually be only $8 bucks after you take into account how much running around you do and waiting for the next job to come in, especially if you have to drive to areas where demand is the highest but far from where you live. That would defeat the point of taking on a job like that in the first place. You would actually earn more working at McDonald’s next to where you live then having to drive a long distance just to earn $14/hr for two hours.

Managing Your Temporary Job Work
The great thing about the world of startups is that there is always an entrepreneur out there who is looking to solve a problem. In this case the problem is determining what your real take-home pay is compared to how much time you spend using apps like Uber and Favor. Many of these apps offer tools for their employees to use to help analysis their own behavior but the problem is that they are biased and do not take into account many other factors. Why should a company build a app that would show the true return on a contractor’s time using the company’s app? They won’t.

In order to solve this problem you need a third-party app that is not biased in these matters and that is where an app like, SherpaShare, comes in. The app is able to connect with the following services in order to help you determine your true hourly pay – Uber, Lyft, Instacart, Sprig, Doordash, Spoonrocket, SideCar, Postmates. How the app works is that you connect it to the app you use and it will automatically take the data from the app such as, mileage, idle-time, daily income, routes, and more. There are other manual things you can add to the app but what makes this app so unique is that it clears up any foggy business about the industry that you might have after using some of these apps after awhile. Many people wonder why they are not actually getting the fare they were promised or why they have to meet so many conditions in order to get the bonuses they were promised but in many cases they might actually be earning less once they factor in taxes and company fees.

The challenge with all this is that people can not file any compliant for adhering to wage laws because anyone that uses these apps for their main source, or supplement source, of income is classified as a contractor. This means the companies do not have to meet any minimum wage state law requirement. A driver who wishes to complain that the hourly rate he was promised was actually less cannot do anything about it because he did not fully understand all the terms and conditions. This is where an app like SherpaShare comes in and clears all that up. After a week or two of using both apps the employee has a good idea of what their real hourly rate comes out to. The app will also provide information on where their best fares came from based on the neighborhoods they were in so if they want to improve their hourly rate the app can help them do that.

Where are the Jobs
The sharing economy is something that many people are using to bring in more money because the cost of everything is going up everyday. In one article I wrote about, the cost of food is going up, I said that in order to survive in the next ten years you will need to double your income to stay at the level you are now. Many people do not know what options are out there in the temp job world except the ones that get the most media attention like Uber and Airbnb. In order to make money off of those you have to either own property or have a car that is fairly up-to-date for people to want to ride in. This is where a new line of business is popping up, one that helps temp workers determine where to find the quick and easy jobs.

The website Peers provides an online tool that lets you find which services provide you with the best options available for making money doing what you are good at. How the site works is by letting you select what you have to offer and what skills you bring to the table which also allows you to filter by what you enjoy doing. Then the website provides you with a list of options based off of each category of service and then you can go in and create profiles for people to find you. The great thing about such a service is that you don’t have to go out searching for all the different temp-work websites out there because they bring it all to you based on what you provided.

Many people take the opportunity to sign up for anything they can get their hands on. Many Uber drivers also drive for Lyft at the same time hoping to maximize their time driving. In many cases though that doesn’t turn out to be the true because of how each service works, Lyft might only provide you with more work if you have a great rating and able to take a certain number of rides per hour. This is the challenge many of these services are up against – making sure that they are able to provide clients with contractors that reliable use their service. The worst situation is assigning a job to a contractor that does not have a stellar reputation for being on-time and reliable.

The best thing about Peers is that it provides a way for people to find all the companies that are starting to offer more jobs in the sharing community. Many people don’t know all the options available to them until they hear about them in the news or from a friend. You can take the time to sign up on all the services and see where that leads you but the downside to doing all that is you have to check the services all the time if you want to catch a job that is right for you. This means being on your phone/computer all the time so you can still earn enough money each week. That can get challenging and frustrating all at the same time when you have a family to take care of or you only have access to your car at certain times.

Living the Entrepreneur Way
The idea of being able to live your own schedule is the dream that most people want. The problem is they don’t teach you how to do that in school and the skills you learn in school might change in the next five years so how does one use a system like Peers and SherpaShare to help break away from the 9-5 routine? That is where Meetup.com, Skillshare.com, and Takelessons.com comes in. The power of these websites is something many people still do not understand. Freelancer and Guru tell you what kind of jobs people are posting so if you can learn the skills needed to get those jobs then you can start teaching people how to get those skills so they can apply for more jobs.

You bring people together in classes and programs by combing the power of Meetup.com and Skillshare and creating your own school of programs. Maybe your skill is selling or accounting or design; there are tons of people who need help improving their skills everyday in those areas so why not capitalize on it? Instead of taking an online course you can create “community programs” that let people network with similar minded individuals while also updating their skills. If you do this once or twice a week that is enough to start crafting a whole list of programs to put together. People want to stay-in-the-know and keep their skills up-to-date in order to keep their job or do their job better while also expanding their network. Your network is what will help you find your next job. The more people you know the more opportunities that come your way.

The option I presented might not work for everyone and if everyone followed that idea there would be a lot more classes out there and not enough students to go around. Another great way of following the Entrepreneur way is by taking what you know and putting it into a book. Amazon and many other sties now make it super easy to publish yourself. It just takes the time and discipline to sit down and write but once you manage to write out a couple of hundred pages you can start editing it and see what works and what doesn’t and then publish. Many public libraries put on local author events for meet-and-greets so you can market your book that way or partner with other local authors and put on your own events.

Creating Your Own Line of Work
The idea of an entrepreneur is that they come up with their own line of work that supports what they want to do. It is not an easy task to start off because the risks are high but once you get comfortable enough to get out there and start talking to people every week and putting together programs that benefit a group of people you can start to refine what you are really great at doing. The core essence of what an Entrepreneur does is they identify a problem and provide a solution to it. If you know that many people in your area need a certain kind of solution and you are able to provide it then put together something that brings those people together and make it all happen.

If what Uber and Favor provide is the kind of work you enjoy doing then learn how to improve on it and see where else it can take you. What many people don’t realize is that they can create their own micro-versions of these apps in their own communities. This makes it safer and easier to use if you know that the person driving you is a neighbor from three blocks over. Creating a teenage version of Favor for community members is a great way for teens to learn how to manage their time but also find the kind of work they want to do while also making money. There are lots of people who need help but don’t always feel comfortable letting strangers into their home, even if the companies do a background check, so why not create something that pairs people up with people they know who can help? A million dollar idea right there.

The important thing to remember from all this is that you want to maximize your time but in order to do that you need special tools to help you do that. These tools come in the form of apps, excel spreadsheets, online tools, and more. You have to determine what skills you offer that will help create a change for other people. If that change is found in an app like TaskRabbit, by providing quick and easy guidance to others in need, then you should think about building a complete website that also markets yourself as that. In the coming years you will start to see more books coming out about people’s experiences working with these apps and what they learned from the whole experience.

The Uber and Airbnb model of making money has changed how apps and companies charge for their services. More and more apps are following in their footsteps of determining the right pricing models that people are willing to pay. Any smart entrepreneur would know to take those same pricing structures and use them for their own line of work in order to get more attention.

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