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Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

In my past article on the master list of educational resources I showed how you can get an entire education online for free now, you just have to have the time and dedication for sitting down and doing the work. The great thing about the internet is the vast number of resources that are out there for anyone to use if you know how to find things on the internet. My original intent for this article was to take what the author had put together and just post the links all on here but that would have been a lot of work. Instead I decided to just post the link below and let people click on it for themselves to ensure that they are serious about learning what is out there to help them cut the costs down for starting and running a business.

A Little Background
I do want to point out though how the free things list got started. I read the article, “Why I just Fucking Did it…,” the author wrote about where he got the idea for the list. His understanding for the list came from the same urge we all get from time to time. We all get this itch from time to time that we should be doing more with our time. We all had dreams growing up of something we wanted to become but it never quite works out that way because of how life works.

In that whole thought process, the different types of people emerge; first you have the ones that act on their emotions and impulses and make something for themselves; then you have the ones who know they should be doing something but don’t know how or don’t feel like putting in the hard work that is required to make it all happen. Taking an idea and turning it into something great is not an easy process but there are those people that can just do it because their understanding of things is so much clearer than others. How many people want a better job? How many people know they can write a novel but never get around to it? The doers and the sayers are two completely different types of people, the ones that deal with the hardship to see their ideas come to life and those that wait for things to happen.

Ali Mese, the author of the article, just put his heart and soul into creating that list of awesome things because he wanted to see how people would respond to his efforts. The outpouring of support from people has been immense, to say the least. He has gotten so much feed back from people that it made the hard work worth the effort. When you see the full list of resources and then read about what he did to make it happen, you see a whole other side to what it takes to create such a list. Writing my Education article took about two weeks just to cobble together all those resources so the whole process is hard but the pay off of having it at your hands and available for others makes it all worth while.

Habits form Change
There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for something to happen in life. At any point in time anywhere in the world there are people who just wait and wish for things to change. They have conditioned themselves to believe that the only way something good will happen is to be patient and wait. They are made to believe that “good things come to those who wait.” The truth of the matter is that those left waiting will use up a large portion of their life waiting while those that say, “Just do It,” and go out and do it and make their mistakes along the way, end up learning a lot more about themselves and what they are capable of doing.

Srinivas Rao has written many articles explaining how writing 1000 words a day and a million words in 5 years changed his life. The process to get started wasn’t easy but the pay off in the end was huge. He is now asked to speak at many conferences, he has written many books, and gives lots of motivational advice for those struggling to get started. I will say that when I first started this blog the process to get started was not easy but once I learned to structure everything correctly the ease at which to write and produce an article started to get easier. I will say that some day’s it is still hard to sit down and write when I have so many other things going on that keep me from sitting down and writing but the impulse is now there.

Mr. Rao explains, like so many others, that if you want to do something you need to stop making excuses and go and do it. Life is really short and most people don’t get that concept until after they leave college and it hits them when all they do is work everyday and suddenly they are 40. You have to just do it even if you don’t want to do it. Once you get into the habits of getting your body used to doing it everyday then your mind will get into that mode of thinking that way and you will start to get adjusted to it very quickly.

Take Advantage
The amount of resources found on this one website is enough to get anyone from point A to point B, in any kind of business, but only if they are serious about it. The old Chinese proverb saying, “Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter yourself,” holds a lot of merit but the sad thing is that very few people ever take advantage of a good thing. Remember, opportunity really only knocks once at your door, but it is you that must be willing to open it and make the change. This holds true for everything found on this website. I can present you with all the tools found on here but you must take the next step and apply and turn them into something great.

The +300 hundred resources found here are broken up into several different categories:

  • Business/Marketing
  • Design/Code
  • Work/Productivity
  • Discover/Learn

Each category holds enough information and resources to launch your one-man operation or ten-person business to heights that no company in the 1980s and before even had access to. There is more computing power and crowdsourced information on that one page and my master list to turn anyone into a one-man team, all for free. Thank about that for a minute.

After you browse through the resources, make sure to play around with them but give yourself enough time each day or week to really get used to what they can do. There is a website that offers free stock photos, this is great for any company looking to add quality and style to their website without worrying about copyright infringement. There is another link that lets you create invoices right away without having to do anything else besides typing in the numbers and printing it out. You don’t need to know how to create formulas to calculate the costs or design a form.

Bottom line – the resources found on that page and my article combined with smarts and creativity are enough to launch and run your business entirely for free if you know how to do it.

Please make sure to take the time to go through the list but also make sure to check out my education list as well. Anyone with a fast computer and google fiber can really make something with their time. If you really enjoyed reading this please make sure to share and like it with other people who could benefit from knowing about this.

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