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Want to be part of the Startup Scene in Austin? Here’s how

There is lots happening in Austin for October so if you haven’t been keeping up then get ready for a blast of information that will keep you busy for awhile with events. Before I begin, you will need the following, your digital planner (put that paper stuff away and get with the times!), a twitter acct (should already have one by now), and a go-getter attitude. Just remember even though all the events are free, you have to register ahead of time.

First, clear your schedule for the following days (if you can)

Oct 6 – 10th, Austin Startup Week. just figure on a 7 am to 8 or 9 pm schedule for those days.
Oct 8 –  Epic Office Hours (1 – 4 pm) – Come get free advice from Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors, and Venture Capitalists, and professionals who are willing to sit down with you and go over your business idea for FREE! You will need to register for this free activity so make sure to schedule a time slot.

If you would like to view the full schedule for the whole week, click here

Now if you think that is all there is there is still more. For those who are startups and interested in relocating to Austin or interested in attending the event, they might be able to pay for your flight to Austin if you contact them. Look for what they did for this person when they tweeted.

Austin Startup Week explains all that in their Visit page. You can contact them to find out how they can help you come visit Austin. They have a page setup online on how they can help you relocate. Even if they can’t help pay, they can at least find someone who is willing to let you sleep on their couch.

Are you looking for a job? You can come by and drop off a resume in the Capital Factory Office or you can submit one online with this link. See they want to help people find jobs! They have startup companies working in their offices and they are always looking for new hires.

So if you have nothing going on or you know you need to be there. look at the schedule and plan for what days you are most interested in. Sign up for Epic office hours and talk with someone about your business idea who’s been through the whole experience before. There is no excuse to say that you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start. Here is the place that makes it all happen, Capital Factory! If you have never been they have tours every week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) at 4 pm so call them up and find out. They have tons of programs every week, so look at what events they offer every month. They will even have more tours during Startup week.

Here is where your Twitter account comes in handy.

Follow the these accounts to stay up-to-date on all the events that are happening. Remember, random events pop up all over when events like this are in Austin and you can only find out about them with Twitter.


No excuse now if you live in Austin and want to be part of the Startup community and network. There will be lots of networking parties every evening so get out there and connect!

Think those personal assistant apps are really free? Here’s the true cost

People enjoy having the small things in life taken care of for them. It’s nice knowing that when you pick up your smartphone, what you wanted to know is already on the screen waiting for you or that the flight you were scheduled for got canceled but thanks to having loaded your credit card information into the app ahead of time it was able to reschedule you another flight close to the same time as your canceled flight. Boy, life is sure grand now that we have these kinds of assistants running our lives for us and we don’t even have to pay them a compliment.

That’s the one thing you get to do for free. These apps though, in exchange for your personal habits, information, credit card numbers, social media connections, and photos, actually cost a lot if you actually wanted some privacy. The reason these apps are free in the first place is because the companies who make them are banking off the millions of pieces of data you feed these apps everytime you are around your phone or connect them to any service it requests (i.e., facebook, twitter, instagram, any online calendar, email, etc). You are giving all these apps personal and private information in exchange for using the app for free. Google Now and S Voice are some of the more popular personal assistants that people enjoy using. In order to use them you have to be signed into the service all the time. This means that your phone is recording everything around it all the time including the number of people in a room, temperature, motion, placement, and many other things that Google and Samsung have probably not told us.

Contextual Computing is basically what these types of services are called. They analyze information based on it’s location, or context, in which the phone is used. For example, if you leave the house everyday at 8 am and check the traffic, it will know to bring that up for you around that time just when you are getting near the door. Pretty nice, huh? But you just feed that app thousands of pieces of personal information that Google, or whatever other company’s app you use, can process and data mine to figure out how to sell to advertisers, because when it all comes down to it, what good is all this information for? Advertisers, plain and simple. Imagine if the world used this information for good instead of evil? Which ironically enough is the motto of Google, “Don’t be Evil.”

You cannot deny that these apps have made our lives a whole lot easier to manage, especially if you are a mom who has to manage your partner’s schedule and children’s after-school programs. These apps are especially helpful in knowing when to schedule events and how to get around places the fastest. Whether you like it or not these apps are coming preinstalled on most smartphones now and are in use the second you use your phone. So whether you are interested in jumping on board now or later, because eventually you will have to in order to manage the social milieu that the future will bring us, it’s better to start understanding how they work and how to use them because life will only get more complex now that technology will be something we will all wear everyday. Don’t worry that self-drying Jacket from Back to the Future 2 is just around the corner.

Pretty soon what you wear will be telling you more about you than you knew about yourself

Here are a few popular digital assistants to try out

Google Now

S Voice (preinstalled on Samsung devices)



Aviate (Invite Only)

Mynd (Requires access to lots of personal information and apps on your phone)

EasilyDo (Requires access to lots of personal information and apps on your phone)

Have you Learned anything new today? No? Then listen to these people

It’s no surprise that there are people who like learning and there are those that don’t. Infact, science has shown now that it requires a lot of mental energy in order to learn something new. It takes true concentration in order to listen, I mean really know how to listen, and be able to comprehend, digest the content, and be able to retain it. You can see why some people believe that getting up and going about their day doing their own thing is enough for them instead of the need to find time to have to sit down and learn something new.

For those that view learning as a pleasurable activity and crave it, there is a place you can go to listen to some of the greatest minds speak their mind and it all happens within the magical space of 18 minutes. If you want to know why only 18 minutes I encourage you to perform a search on it and see what you find. I didn’t include a link this time because it’s important to know how to find information on your own.

You always want to see what other great minds are doing, this helps you to see what trends, research, and businesses are being created by other entrepreneurs. You might have an idea to start a program that provides support to recent college grads, but after watching one of the TED videos you might learn that someone else is already doing that. You can either offer to join their team or compete against their by creating your own business model. The idea is you should always be curious to learn what other people are doing and how they went about making it come true.

The links below are all connected to one place with one purpose, to share an idea.

Find out why Bill Gates Unleashed Mosquitoes on his audience

Think Schools are Killing Creativity, this person will tell you why

Three Secrets to What make YouTube Videos Viral

What does your posture say about you in any moment?

What have you learned in 6 months that will help you?

If your not masturbating enough, you don’t care about your sexual health

This Neuroanatomist was able to study her own stroke as it was happening

10 Things you didn’t know about orgasm

How many liars do you let into your life?

Need to bone up on your world history in 18 minutes?

His Statistics will reshape how you view the world

Making Ghettos Green

No limit was placed on his childhood and look what he gave the world for it

This is a partial list of some of the best TED talks ever given. Try to include at least one TED talk into your daily life and you will be all the better for it because it means that the knowledge you take away from their talk is put forth in the work you do in this world. You might not be an educator, like I am, but after listening to Sir Ken Robinson you’ve learned that schools kill creativity and that there is a need to balance the shortfall of schools. If you take away something from these videos it will only be to better the world and yourself.

Never Stop Learning

Bionic Capabilities will soon be for everyone

It used to be the case that wearing a hearing aid meant you were getting old. Now you wear them to hear in certain environments where you only want to hear certain things. The world of bionic wear used only be for those with physical impairments now anyone that wants to improve their body in some way or another can opt to use them new devices. Apple has made it easy for those with hearing loss to control the sounds coming into their ears so they can hear better.

The new technology will allow those with any kind of physical loss or impairment to be able to regain their ability of using it again. For adults who have lost the ability to grip things they will be able to improve that and for those with prosthetic limbs they can download new programs that allow them to do different things with them than before.

The hearing aid technology has been around for awhile but Apple has just found a new way of improving it. As an entrepreneur it is your job to find old things and make them new again by applying a new perspective on an old problem. This is just one way Apple has done that using their iPhone and app.

Bionics for everyone are just a click away on this link

The one piece of technology everyone wants the most

Let’s face it, out of all the things we want the most, since we pretty much have most of the stuff from Back to the Future II, we don’t have the flying cars like in the movie but we do have flying cars if you can afford the sticker price that comes with them. We have self-drying jackets, self-lacing shoes, and the nike shoes from the movie. Of course the world is trying to make it more like Back to the Future before the date approaches.

In the case of Hoverboards though that is something that might have to wait but if you really want to see it happen just to believe it will, check out this video. But if you want to see what it would feel like check out what these guys have done. They created a virtual world to simulate the effects of riding on a hoverboard using a wii balance board.

The Future is close but not close enough
If You really want to own a hoverboard, click here Or watch someone with one

A Fork that infuses scents into your food

Maybe the next time you bite into that steak you have every Tuesday night it will taste different. Routine can be easy to manage but shaking it up is also very good for you. So why not start off simple like adding a little more flavor to the foods you eat with a fork. This fork loaded with flavors that when applied can add more to the taste of each foods you eat.

Aromafork, which is the name of the fork itself, was made by molecular specialists. There are all kinds of applications you can use with this, especially if your sick and can’t smell anything.

Wow, my steak tastes even better now!

Wish you could get rid of all those ads surrounding an online article?

I read a lot of articles online and get tired of having to deal with distracting ads. Now there is an add-on you can attach to your browser that will eliminate all those distractions and give you only the content you want to read in a nice clean format. Install this cool program on your browser and take back the joy of reading only the content you want online.

How it Works