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What these Teens Accomplished Will Amaze You

It’s amazing what teens and even kids can accomplish if they are given the freedom to explore their own interests. There are kids all over the world who have done things that only adults can dream of and many of these kids came from very poor backgrounds. Not all kids came from money and those that did put it to good use instead of wasting it on clothes and going to parties all the time.

Many of the teens features in this article have their work posted on YouTube infact the first video posted had no views at all but the story is very inspiring. Listed below after that in no particular order are kids and teens who will impress you with the work they are doing in this world. If you are a teen yourself, take some time to think about how you are using your time everyday and try to make it a little more productive because as you can see after watching these videos, you can do some amazing things with very little.

Jordan Romero talks about what it was like to climb the highest mountain in the world and become the youngest person to do so.

Kevin Doe impressed M.I.T. so much they brought him to their campus to show them how he did it.

This teenager, Tim Doner, can speak over 20 languages, known as a hyper-polyglot. How many can you speak?

Santiago Gonzalez says that he programs so much that he dreams in code now

Jamie Edwards, at the age of 13, built his own nuclear reactor that works.

Trevor, age 13, is his own self-made photographer

Jacob Barnett, part of the TEDxTeen series, says to forget what you know and here’s why

Thomas Suarez, part of the TEDxTeen series, is an iPhone developer, oh & he’s in 6th grade

Logan LaPlante, part of the TEDxTeen series & 13, talks about how he hacked his education

These stories are meant to inspire, besides impress, and show that kids and teens have the potential to do amazing things when they are given the proper guidance, not interference that parent’s like to push on their kids, but the chance to show what they are capable of doing.

Have you Learned anything new today? No? Then listen to these people

It’s no surprise that there are people who like learning and there are those that don’t. Infact, science has shown now that it requires a lot of mental energy in order to learn something new. It takes true concentration in order to listen, I mean really know how to listen, and be able to comprehend, digest the content, and be able to retain it. You can see why some people believe that getting up and going about their day doing their own thing is enough for them instead of the need to find time to have to sit down and learn something new.

For those that view learning as a pleasurable activity and crave it, there is a place you can go to listen to some of the greatest minds speak their mind and it all happens within the magical space of 18 minutes. If you want to know why only 18 minutes I encourage you to perform a search on it and see what you find. I didn’t include a link this time because it’s important to know how to find information on your own.

You always want to see what other great minds are doing, this helps you to see what trends, research, and businesses are being created by other entrepreneurs. You might have an idea to start a program that provides support to recent college grads, but after watching one of the TED videos you might learn that someone else is already doing that. You can either offer to join their team or compete against their by creating your own business model. The idea is you should always be curious to learn what other people are doing and how they went about making it come true.

The links below are all connected to one place with one purpose, to share an idea.

Find out why Bill Gates Unleashed Mosquitoes on his audience

Think Schools are Killing Creativity, this person will tell you why

Three Secrets to What make YouTube Videos Viral

What does your posture say about you in any moment?

What have you learned in 6 months that will help you?

If your not masturbating enough, you don’t care about your sexual health

This Neuroanatomist was able to study her own stroke as it was happening

10 Things you didn’t know about orgasm

How many liars do you let into your life?

Need to bone up on your world history in 18 minutes?

His Statistics will reshape how you view the world

Making Ghettos Green

No limit was placed on his childhood and look what he gave the world for it

This is a partial list of some of the best TED talks ever given. Try to include at least one TED talk into your daily life and you will be all the better for it because it means that the knowledge you take away from their talk is put forth in the work you do in this world. You might not be an educator, like I am, but after listening to Sir Ken Robinson you’ve learned that schools kill creativity and that there is a need to balance the shortfall of schools. If you take away something from these videos it will only be to better the world and yourself.

Never Stop Learning

TED Talks aren’t just for Adults, Kids can inspire too

There are many gifted kids out there who know how to take advantage of the tools around them, some just do it better than others. These young kids have not only invented new things, they have also given talks on what it took to make it all happen.

TED Talks Youth Story