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The Superbowl of Social Media is this week, did you buy your tickets?

In case you didn’t know, the superbowl of social media is happening this week, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know just how huge of an event this is. Famous Youtubers from all over the world (with huge amounts of social influence) are coming to Anaheim convention center to talk about their success and meet all their fans. This event has grown by leaps and bounds each year because more and more people are realizing the power of what YouTube and social media are able to do for them.

Social Media powerhouses will be there to discuss topics like, Upping our game: Youtubers and high production value moderated by Jack Harries, Writing comedy for Youtube moderated by Mamrie Hart, and Building Communities: How and Why moderated by Hank Green. For full list of topics and events click here.

Tickets for these events cost in the hundreds but don’t worry, majority of all the tickets have already sold out. Instead of wondering whether or not you can get a ticket, you can focus your sorrow on knowing you never had the chance in the first place. You have to plan buying your ticket ahead of time, Infact if you want to buy tickets for next year’s event (which will be even bigger) that might be a good idea.

Here are some of the details for this years event if you plan on crashing all the after parties.
Location: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim California
Dates: Thursday June 26, 2014 – Saturday June 28, 2014
Tentative Time: 9am-midnight each day

Is there an age limit? Not really, according to the vidcon’s FAQ, as long as your parent’s are willing to let you go then GO! If your 8 or younger you get in for free so totally take advantage of having your parents drop you off and go learn how to be a superstar with social media.

Special Guests (partial list)
Casper Lee

Troye Sivan

Jack Harries

Jim Chapman


Charlie McDonnell

Hannah Hart

Fun For Louis

If you do not recognize any of those names you do not spend enough time on youtube. My (emergency advice) would be to find a weekend or evening with no interruptions and watch some of those channels; your eyes will be opened to the kinds of things youtubers are doing with their channels and how some of them are using their channel to travel the world (aka Fun with Louis and Alec in WILDerland).

So whether you plan on going to VidCon next year there are two ways of doing it. You can purchase your tickets after this event is over so you have a guaranteed spot along with hotel accommodations OR you can create your own YouTube channel, gain a social media presence that has a purpose and then get invited to speak about it next year. Either way you have a chance of seeing some of the biggest influences of social media. Understand that for everyone there speaking that is their full time job of making videos to entertain and educate their audience members.

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The Power of Social Media is all based on how Creative you are. People will come if you have something worth watching and listening too.

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