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What idea do you have that might work on Kickstarter?

There are many ideas floating around but not everyone makes the effort to put their ideas into motion. The people you see on kickstarter are the ones who took their ideas past the brainstorming stage and moved right into the product development stage. It takes a lot of work and time to make that happen. If you think there are a lot of people out there using sites like that to build things that it’s just not worth it to make the effort to rise above all the noise just understand there are ten times the number of people who didn’t put in the effort to bring their ideas to life.

This company decided to make work out apparel in the form of jeans, don’t ask me why any would find the need to work out in clothes that are not meant for the gym but ok, that have a special design to them. The jeans are able to stretch in certain parts when you are doing certain exercises, especially squats. If you watch the video you will see the person able to work out in their comfortable jeans and squatting without worrying about them tearing or ripping in a place where the sun don’t shine.

Find out why they were able to exceed their goal
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