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YouTube to Offer Legal Protection for Creators

The number of take down notices that YouTube receives on a daily basis is very high. The reason for this is because content creators wants to protect their content in any form that they can so they look for ways to protect it by preventing other people from using it, especially if the goal is to make any kind of money from it. The challenge with that is Fair Use of content protects Creators from having to take down other people’s videos if all they are doing is talking about it and commenting on it. Fair Use protects the person who posted the video without the need for permission. But if the Creator only reposted the original video with no additional change or commentary added to it then they do break copyright law if the video was protected in the first place. If the video has a Creative Commons license and the original owner wants to take down the video then they are not able to do that since the video has a CC license on it.

Creating a Level Playing Field
YouTube gets its contents from all the amazing Creators who have taken the time and effort of editing their videos and posting them online to their website. Millions of channels exist on YouTube which means this increases the chance of people breaking the law. In the beginning YouTube would follow suit on any take down notice that came their way because it was a new medium at the time but now that it has had time to mature and grow they have had time to learn what all they can do to help keep content, that rightfully belongs online, there.

Imagine someone took a video you made of your family vacation and posted it on their channel without your permission and commented on all the crazy things your family likes to do. In an outrage you send a take-down notice to YouTube asking them to take down the video because they took it without your permission. This would affect the whole ecosystem of memes and viral videos out there that people have created from other people’s content. The original owner of a meme would prevent their meme from going viral if they required everyone to pay them first before reposting it. Where would the fun be in that.

In an effort to help keep content on YouTube that rightly belongs there YouTube is now offering legal services to YouTubers that have to deal with take-down notices or face legal action. Many creators online are just everyday posting about something silly or funny, or in many cases, useful to other people. In the case of the family who was sued by Universal Music Publishing Group alleging that her home video of her daughter dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” song violated copyright is a perfect example of companies overstepping their legal actions. I wrote an article about it when it came out. It was decided that the copyright holder should account for Fair-Use of the song and that it was intended for entertainment purposes only. The court ruled in favor of Lenz and that the actions of both Universal and Prince were unlawful.

Understanding Fair-Use and Creative Commons
Ask any middle school or high school kid who has done a research project recently where they got the images for their project from and they will tell you, “the internet.” They don’t realize that when you take an image online and put it into their project that they are claiming that they are the owners of those images. Many people also have this false assumption that anything taken from the internet is fair game, to a certain degree, but that with some content the use of copyright still stands.

Many people believe that the internet should still hold up for copyright law but that is not the case when the internet reaches all parts of the world. The laws in one country don’t hold up in another and for a regular person to try and challenge such a claim in court is literally just wasting their time and money. In any case though when you use wide-reaching audience website like YouTube, then you have to consider copyright laws, Fair-Use, and Creative Commons before posting anything.

Examples of Fair-Use
1. Commentary on someone’s video
2. A Parody on someone else’s work
3. News Reporting
4. Teaching
5. Criticism on someone’e work
6. Search Engine Results
7. Research

Purpose of Creative Commons Licenses
When an author wants to
1. Give the right to others to share their work
2. Allow others to use their work with their projects
3. encourage others to build upon their work and make it their own.

Many search engines have features built in that help you find CC content so you understand that you are not stealing work that is protected under law. In Google’s search engine under search tools you are given an option for Usage Rights, if you click that option then you can select from a list that allows you to pick what kind of content you are looking for. In many cases you are looking to reuse something someone has created. This option works for just images.

Posting Content on YouTube
It is important to consider how you want people to use your videos that you post online. YouTube currently offers Standard License and CC license. If you post a video with a Standard License then people need to get permission to use your video for anything outside of Fair-Use. If your video is CC then you are giving permission to people to use your video in anything they want.

This is important to think about before starting a YouTube channel that way you can consider how your content will be used by others. If you are starting a company then you might consider protecting your work in order to protect your brand. Many people create channels just to play around and talk about stuff they like so if that is the case then using a CC license will be best.

Just consider the long term for how you want people to view you YouTube channel and the content you create. This will help protect you from legal troubles down the road.

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Get Ready to Pay for Content on YouTube starting with listening to music

[Article Updated: 11-13-2014]
Google adding service to Youtube called Music Key will be a streaming service that people can use on their computers and even Android phones while they use other apps. Ad-Free service costs $9.99 after the first month and is free to those that don’t mind the ads.

It’s no surprise that YouTube wants to charge for letting users view certain content on their website. They have talked about charging a subscription fee to let people view ad-free content. In an article written by Fast Company last year they talked about how YouTubers with more than 100K subscribers can now create new channels that charge people to view content.

There was also talk of of deciding whether or not to let creators put up a paywall to charge people to view their content first hand or have an overall subscription fee for everything. Depending on whether any of that will happen only time will time but time now is telling us something different. Musicians music on YouTube that do not agree to the new terms of YouTube will be taken off completely from the website. If an artist doesn’t want to agree to the ad-free content of their music then it will be barred from having their music on the site. For many artists, their fame started on Youtube and for them to now have to agree to terms they do not like is a slap in their face.

The new model of charging people to listen to their music is just another way for musicians to make more money off of their music online, which includes the money they get already for the number of views each song has. Whether you agree with this model or not, there are many artists who are not happy that all their music will be taken off the site in a matter of days.

Changing How Content Is Viewed Online
The challenge right now to YouTube is that it doesn’t make any money, infact, YouTube has been struggling to turn a profit for the last couple of years so it needs to find new ways of generating cash for it’s business. YouTube is the largest source on the planet for viewing content online for free and if it plans to be the number 1 source for everything video streaming online then it needs to find new ways to keep its head above the water.

Right now the site has the largest growth in site views per month, which is how most websites online are viewed in the business world since businesses operate on a quarter market projection. They want to see how a business does from month to month so in order to see how well YouTube is performing they look at monthly projections and how many hits it gets every month.

If you look at other sites that offer content to be viewed online like Vimeo, Hulu, Ustream, and BigThink, then you can see there is a huge market for people to put up online content. Infact a site that is all about streaming online is YouNow, where anyone can host their own live streaming show and store it for later viewing for their “fans.” The name is similar to YouTube which is why it has been able to generate more hits every month. The business model for video sharing sites is growing considering that 83% of web traffic now is video streaming. So blogs like this are not as popular as someone who makes a video that talks about being an entrepreneur.

Many of the sites listed previously have a paywall for higher quality content. Sites like Vimeo distinguish themselves as sites that have a more professional and stylish quality to the videos that are allowed on their site. If you look closely you will notice that many of the videos they offer, both free and paid viewing, have a higher quality to them instead of videos you see of people in their bedrooms with poor lighting on YouTube.

Whether you plan to open your channel on YouTube or on another site just be aware that Google owns YouTube and they want their finger in everything so if you think your content is not reaching enough people because of the terms of agreements YouTube makes you agree to, there are other sites you can use that are gaining in popularity. You can read about this guy’s experience with creating YouTube channels for YouTube.

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How Social Media people make something out of their success

When was the last time you watched a cute video on vine and thought, “man, that person is really creative, I could do something like that.” Then the thought stops there. You realize it takes time and money to make those 6 second videos and even though they are only 6 seconds in length the time to make them takes even longer. Most people would say they have better things to do with their time and that may be true but when you find out that many viners are earning 6 figures off of their videos it makes you stop and wonder if what you are doing with your time is really better after all; chances are, probably not.

You see the average American doesn’t make 6 figures and for anyone that went to school they were always told that if you want a higher salary you have to get a higher education. Everything always seems to be higher than what it normally is. This is why the rich live in their rich neighborhoods and the middle-class live in their middle-class neighborhoods. But social media now allows anyone with creative talent to show off their skills and earn a higher living and companies like Niche, which has become a talent scout and advertising agency, are on the look out for them so they can hire creative people like Robby Ayala and Jethro Ames to create ads for companies that hired Niche to find them. Now the average person with exceptional talent can earn a higher living, and probably more so than a doctor does today.

A Little Background Light Please
Robby Ayala was actually set to finish law school but his talent for creating videos on Vine took over. When people saw his work they started asking him to create videos for them and it just took off from there and he never looked back. Infact the average first year law student out of school works more than 60 hours (I’m being conservative on the hours, its still more) a week making a nice salary but nothing compared to what Robby is making now working less than those 60 hours doing what he loves. Robby now works with Niche as Creative Partnership manager helping others work on their social media accounts.

Jehtro Ames started his work in the field of print advertising and turned those static ideas into moving images using Vine. He turned his car garage into his production studio where he has creative some very cool ads for companies. As with the case for most creative individuals who use social media in a productive way, his work took off and he had to quit his job to work on his videos full time. The attention his videos captured were the ones that helped him go the next step by connecting him with agencies and companies that wanted his creative talents.

Social Media vs Linear Learning Model
if you subscribe to the idea still that going to school, getting good grades, finding a job, and working hard is enough to ensure you have a job then you are only fooling yourself in today’s market from now until a very long time from now. Companies hire for short term now because the market changes often so they need talent that stays current. Why send someone back to school (a lengthy process) when you can hire someone with a current education and experience? People who believe they will have the same job in ten or twenty years are really kidding themselves because market interests change so much now. If you were a switchboard operator back in the 50’s and 60’s you would never have thought your job could be replaced, now there is not a single switchboard operator around. Remember door-to-door salesmen or milkmen? Women used to be able to major in Home Economics in college but now not a single university offers that degree anymore.

It might also surprise you to know that for some fields that don’t require constant learning in order to keep their license, most individuals feel that once they got their degree then they don’t need to keep learning if their job keeps paying them for what they already know. That is a very dangerous mindset to have because it will be very easy to replace someone like that with someone who can do more and is willing to be paid the same. I have met people who have high paying jobs and when they leave their work, all they do is relax and do their own thing except keep up with their field. [Tip for entrepreneurs: If you want to ensure that the talent you hired is staying current ask them questions about current industry information they should know about. If they show signs of not staying up-to-date on daily news and industry articles then you know you are working with someone who might cost you an opportunity later on.]

Social Media has come in and changed all the rules and showed us that if you have the talent and drive to create something amazing then people will notice. Not everyone is making money off of their social media accounts but those that put in the hard work and time then you might find something in the end. There are social media accounts that we do not know about right now but the person running them has probably been working on them for a while but it’s not until someone of influence notices them and reblogs or favorites it that it shoots into the public’s attention. More and more people are working as freelancers and showing off their work through their social media accounts. The older generation still thinks social media is just for talking about gossip with your friends but it’s not.

In ten years your social media presence will be more important than what is on your resume. Many companies no longer accept paper resumes because they do not tell the whole picture.

Changes in Earning a Living
There are still those folks who will tell you that you still need a degree to get any job that pays a living. For certain professional fields that is true, you will need formal advanced training in order to get certified and accredited by a higher institution but for everything else, a degree doesn’t mean much if all you did in school was get straight As and nothing else. That shows you didn’t really explore and spend any of your free time showing what you learned. If you haven’t learned by now most companies will not want to hire you because you do not have the motivation to apply what you’ve learned on your own. Many top companies now go after people who don’t have a college education but equivalent.

What these people in social media have done is show us that for those interested in doing the work we love, work will come our way. As an entrepreneur I know this adage to be very true. I create many programs for people and companies now and most of the work that comes my way is through a network of individuals. The stars of social media came about because of a network of individuals who saw their work and shared it with those who could benefit from it. Social media has also offset the scale of earning a livable wage because most social media stars make 6 figures easily because of the amount of work they produce online.

Whether you believe in the social media model of how people are earning a living or not there is no doubt that it will soon become more common. So the next time you watch someone make a silly video and see that it has over a million hits just know that person, if you are a youtube partner, probably got a nice paycheck in the mail (corrected, wired to your account) and probably offered a job from an agency like Niche or company to come up with more of them or promote products like Michelle Phan now does.

Times they are a’changing – are you keeping up?

Viners and Instagramers all have something to gain

The Future of YouTube Stars

It used to be the case that if you wanted to meet a celebrity you had to live in L.A. and hope to catch one walking around but with social media nowadays being the new form of entertainment for the younger generation all you have to do now is get your hands on tickets for VidCon, or the new up-and-coming, DigiFest (NYC, Toronto, Tour) which features “celebrities” from the social media world. Now you have the chance to see your favorite social media star in person and possibly get a selfie taken with one of them.

The thing that makes this festival different from any other is that the social media stars of today were the fans of, in this case, last year or week. Unlike celebrities, they want to mingle with their fans because they were, and in many cases, still a fan to other major celebrities. They know what it is like to have to wait and maybe catch a glimpse of your favorite star so instead of just staying up on stage they want to get down and meet their fans in person.

The real life interaction between social media stars and their fans is what makes this conventions so popular, and a huge money making business for Meridith Valiando Rojas and Chris Rojas who started DigiTour Media. They are the ones responsible for making all this happen. There are other companies, especial major talent agencies, who are also jumping on the bandwagon in order to capitalize on this new form of entertainment.

Shadow Worlds
Right now these young social media stars are the first group exploring what it is like to be famous because of their social media accounts. They post everyday, if not every minute or hour, to keep their fans interested in them, but what about the new social media celebs that will come out next month or year? Celebrities were once created by major talent agencies, and now that they are losing numbers of viewers from movies and TV shows, they need new clients to bank off of because they gotta pay the bills too, just no need for lavish living.

The future of social media celebrities is that eventually their flame will die out. Celebrities from TV and movies have a team of people to manage their career and help them find new roles to play. Social media stars are only as good as their creativity but with thousands of new YouTube channels being created everyday, how is one able to stay famous forever?

The answer is, they, statistically, won’t be able to. People’s, especially young viewers, viewing habits change all the time. A new cute face will pop up one day and become the new online sensation pushing out social media stars that are just one or two years older but old enough to be forgotten. Yes, they will have made lots of money off of their videos, their looks, and appearances but the fact of the matter is people, fans, want to see new faces every year when it comes to social media. Now that they will have all that money they can put it to use by going to a great college and getting an education and then applying what they learned from running their social media accounts and going on tour to any new up-and-coming talent. This model won’t work for all famous social media stars but if they think they can be famous forever with their channel, they are only fooling themselves.


What the life of a YouTuber has become

Have you Learned anything new today? No? Then listen to these people

It’s no surprise that there are people who like learning and there are those that don’t. Infact, science has shown now that it requires a lot of mental energy in order to learn something new. It takes true concentration in order to listen, I mean really know how to listen, and be able to comprehend, digest the content, and be able to retain it. You can see why some people believe that getting up and going about their day doing their own thing is enough for them instead of the need to find time to have to sit down and learn something new.

For those that view learning as a pleasurable activity and crave it, there is a place you can go to listen to some of the greatest minds speak their mind and it all happens within the magical space of 18 minutes. If you want to know why only 18 minutes I encourage you to perform a search on it and see what you find. I didn’t include a link this time because it’s important to know how to find information on your own.

You always want to see what other great minds are doing, this helps you to see what trends, research, and businesses are being created by other entrepreneurs. You might have an idea to start a program that provides support to recent college grads, but after watching one of the TED videos you might learn that someone else is already doing that. You can either offer to join their team or compete against their by creating your own business model. The idea is you should always be curious to learn what other people are doing and how they went about making it come true.

The links below are all connected to one place with one purpose, to share an idea.

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This is a partial list of some of the best TED talks ever given. Try to include at least one TED talk into your daily life and you will be all the better for it because it means that the knowledge you take away from their talk is put forth in the work you do in this world. You might not be an educator, like I am, but after listening to Sir Ken Robinson you’ve learned that schools kill creativity and that there is a need to balance the shortfall of schools. If you take away something from these videos it will only be to better the world and yourself.

Never Stop Learning

Find out why Disney dropped $1 billion to buy a YouTube Channel

Disney recently purchased a YouTube channel for $1 billion dollars. Find out what made Disney think that such a huge purchase was worth the effort. When considering such a prospect, you want to look at the structure of their channel(s) and company, how did they start and what did they turn into. Disney doesn’t throw money at anything, they have to be sound investments that have shown returns in the past. You want to keep that in mind as well.

When looking at any YouTube channel, you need to consider who their audience is (i.e., who do they make their videos for?) What are their metrics? (numbers, views, audience breakdown (i.e., male vs female, age range, country, etc)). Also think about, what is their purpose? Creating a YouTube channel can be fun but it all comes down to business in the end if you plan on making money off of it.

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