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This Company ensures your packages don’t get stolen

The holidays are a time when packages are being delivered all over the US right now and that means thieves are looking for better ways of stealing your packages that are left on the front door. It is no longer the case that you can expect people to respect your private property as this video below shows someone driving up and walking onto their front porch and taking their packages, even thought there is a cameras recording the whole thing.

It should be noted that in the about section of the video the person calling out that most of the thieves you see stealing packages from people’s front doors are black. The author of the video is calling out that black people should stop committing so many crimes all the time if they don’t want to be wrongfully accused all the time of committing crimes. This is the reason there are more black people in prison than all other races. She made sure to include the protest’s hashtag so people can see why more and more people who get charged for crimes are black people.

In majority of the videos I went through it was hard to find videos that did not include black people stealing, but I did. There was a lady who was caught stealing packages and because of social media, and her conscious, she decided to bring back the packages she stole, including the wreath on the door.

Woman Caught after posting Security Video on Social Media

The sad thing about this is that many of the delivery companies, themselves, do not care for the packages they deliver. How many times have you seen in the news a mailman or FEDEx employee tossing a very expensive package over a fence or just throwing it on the doorstep because they didn’t want to get out of the vehicle.

A Startup with a Solution to All This
The whole idea of any kind of company is to find a solution to a problem and that is exactly what this company is hoping to market itself as, a safe alternative to delivering packages. Remember, UPS and FedEx, and especially the US Postal Service do not ensure the safety of your package once it has been delivered. That is where San Francisco startup company Doorman comes in.

Here is how the service works – When you order from any online retailer, instead of using your home address for package drop off you use Doorman’s drop off address then Doorman contacts you through their app asking when you will be home to have it delivered. Just like Uber, the company uses contractors to drop off the packages 7 days a week until midnight. Right now the company only operates in San Francisco but it is showing promise at a time when people are worried their packages might get stolen. The service costs $4 dollars a package or $20 a month.

Other companies already offer a similar service, like Amazon with the local lockers. Instead of having your packages delivered at home you can have Amazon put it in a locker near you and you can just pick it up, sometimes within the same day or ordering, depending on how hard it is to get the item. Many other companies have attempted to do the same thing as Doorman but the challenge is finding enough people to deliver packages.

Now that Uber has set the standard on how to hire contractors it is getting easier for people to find a quick way to make money. To learn more about Doorman, check out the links below.

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