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List of Business Related TV-Shows

Shark Tank
The art of pitching to investors is difficult to pick up but watching the mistakes other entrepreneurs make will give you ideas for what not to do when it comes your time to ask for money.
Currently Airs Fridays at 8 pm on ABC

Restaurant Impossible
Building and maintaining a restaurant is hard work but what about when you are struggling and need to improve things? This show will help you find and fix your mistakes long before they happen. #RestaurantImpossible
Currently Airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Food Network

Flipping Out
Many people have started flipping homes, a process of buying up a home and improving it for a profit in the end. The process can be long and difficult but the returns can be very high if done right.
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Undercover Boss
It is important to always listen to what your employees tell you but sometimes you have to get in and see what they are doing for yourself. Whether you work for yourself, or have a few employees on your payroll, it is always important to see how your employees are doing their job and if they are following all the policies your company took time to create.
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Treehouse Masters
Finding a niche and learning to become the best at it is what being an entrepreneur is all about. This story will teach how a couple of people took an idea and made it into a full-time business. The concept of treehouses was something only kids used to use but now adults are looking for their own adult treehouse of their own with full working bathrooms and kitchens. A great show to see how an idea becomes a reality. #TreeHouseMasters
Currently Airs Friday Fridays Animal Planet 9 pm CST

Creating High-End custom-made fish tanks is something only large manufacturing companies used to do but now everyday people are able to do it. This is another show that teaches you how you can take an everyday concept, applied with a sound business model, and create your own business that caters to a specific interest.
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Life with Lisa Ling
This show is a good one to watch because Lisa finds areas of interest that many people do’t think about. These are issues within the community that are happening, whether you want them to or not, that you need to be aware of. You might not directly participate with what she is talking about but it might be something someone you know is dealing with personally. The idea about going into business is that you are aware of what is going on in the world so that you know how to provide a solution to the problem, that is what entrepreneurs do. You might see something here, as one man did with sugar babies, that you could provide an easy solution to.
Currently Airs Wednesday at 9 pm on CNN
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Personal Enrichment

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern
You might be wondering what a food show is doing on a website about business and being an entrepreneur. It’s important to know how to conduct small talk because it truly is an art form. Being able to start any conversation up with anyone is a very valuable skill and Andrew Zimmern uses that tool to talk about something everyone enjoys doing, eating food. The knowledge you will gleam from all the different foods he encounters will empower you to be able to talk about all kinds of foods. Food is one of the most powerful connectors between people so if you know how to talk about the foods you are eating then it makes it easier for that person to respect and gain your trust as a business colleague. Plus you make one heck of a friend to have dinner with. Watch this show for the weird foods but pay attention to help easy he makes small talk.
Currently Airs Mondays at 8 pm on Travel Channel

Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations, Parts Unknown)
Anthony travels all over the world talking about food and places because of how food is local to the customs of each area. This master of small talk makes it look so easy when meeting new people and to have a common connection, food, his vast knowledge of food and cooking as a chief makes it easy for him to friend anyone he meets on his shows. Again, pay attention to how he brings up conversations, look at how he makes points in the customs, traditions, and foods they eat in order to create, what appears on TV, a natural relationship with everyone he meets and sits down to eat with. As an entrepreneur you must make it easy for the other person to want to meet and talk with you as well. This is a show that will help you to see how a person skilled at small talk does it.
No Reservations (Check Local Listings)
Parts Unknown (Currently Airs Sundays at 8 pm on CNN)

Big Crazy Family Adventure
The Kickby Family decided to go on a round the world trip without leaving the ground with their two boys. Their journey starts in Canada and takes them on canoes, cargo ships, and trains to get to where they are going. The adventures, new cultures, and different foods expose the whole family to learning more about this amazing planet of people. By the time they get to where they are going they will have traveled 13,000 miles on the ground so they can enjoy every minute, including passing through Everest, Tibet, and lots more.
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Morgan Spurlock goes into different areas to discover how some worlds work, such as longevity, celebrity paparazzi, pet care, and so many more areas. Spurlock has won many awards for the type of documentary work he has created. His insight to how he looks at industries helps bring to mind what people should be aware of. The first season of this show is available on netflix.
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A Path Appears
Nicolas Kristof explores the world of sex trafficking and domestic violence starting in the US and then all around the world. He interviews girls of all ages and how they got caught up in the world of trafficking, prostitution, and violence. Along with author Sheryl WuDunn, and with the help of many celebrity activitists, they go on an adventure to find out why this is going on and ways to stop it or slow it down. #Apathappears
PBS Website (provides clips and interviews)
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The Men Who Built America
The story of the most famous business men who in the world are brought together in this wonderful program that shows chronologically how the industries they created impacted America and the world. Their tactics were ruthless and down right mean but it got what we now take for granted today. Without their businessmen like acumen we the world would be a very different place.


How We Got to Now
This show explains the remarkable ideas from that past that have made life today possible. This six-part documentary goes back in history and explains how all the events combine together to produce the modern day we have now. This interesting perspective of how all areas of study come together to show how science has improved out way of living along with the rise of computer power making it easier to find the answers to our more pressing questions.

Science Related Shows

This show is the remake from the famous Carl Sagan show back in the early 80s. He made studying space and science fun to learn. This remake show has improved special effects and stories about famous mathematicians, philosophers, and astronomers that bring to light how our understanding of the universe and world came to be. This is a must to watch for anyone who loves science, space, and math because each episode is jam packed with information. After every new episode on sunday airs, Fox puts the full episode online to watch. Many classrooms around the world now use it as part, or in place of, their curriculum.


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