Need to Hail a Private Jet? There’s an App for that

It seems that being able to create apps to meet our personal needs is becoming a bigger and bigger industry. The world is in love with apps that allow people to find cheaper anything now, from cab fares, to rooms, to shows, food, and now something else. New industries are popping up everyday in app form; I should clarify that real quick. Apps are reinventing old industries that have been around for a long time but making them more personalized. Imagine for a second if I created an app that connected with people that could create me a sweater all for myself but that also allowed me to set a budget on what I would end up paying. All this app is doing is pooling together talent and letting them bid on what it is that I want.

Apps like Uber, Airbnb, and Waze all rely on crowdsourcing in order to drive down costs and increase dependability. How many times have people tried to ask a friend for a ride when they plan on going to another city only to find out that your friend is not sure when they plan to leave, completely ignoring the fact that you need to be there at a certain time. Not much of a considerate friend if you ask me. There are now systems in place that let you request the services of people who are heading to where you are going already, so rather than travel with an empty seat why not take advantage of filling that seat with someone willing to pay? Check out a few apps the next time you need a ride somewhere (10 ride sharing app) you might even end up making a few bucks or saving the hassle of taking a bus and getting stuck next to someone that doesn’t smell all that fresh.

The industry of Riding Sharing now has a new partner to work with except it doesn’t have that much competition because of the small industry that it works with in. Instead of requesting a ride on the streets you can request a ride in the air. Yes, you read that correctly. What this app does is that it operates the same way many of these other services, like Uber and Lyft, except in the sky and only with private jets. The app is completely free to download so don’t think you will be left out to at least see this wonderful world that only the rich get to enjoy. Anyone can use the app just as long as you are able to pay the bill, average costs per flight fall near the $20k area, depending on where you are going. If you would like to pay less there are perks with their annual membership fee of only $7000 dollars, which, when you think about it is only 350 easy installments of $19.99, and when broken up into a daily installment plan per year, comes out to an easy rate of only $18.23 a day. Oh and you still have to pay what ever the price is for the ticket, except it will be cheaper just depending on the vendor.

The name of the app is called JetSmarter and they cater to a certain group of people who live a certain lifestyle. Why be bothered owning and maintaining your own private jet when you can just request the services of many private jets already in motion. When you think about all the people who own private jets right now, you know that many of them don’t always seat to capacity so that means they can fill those seats with paying travelers.

Why not make some money on the side with your jet then? A few couple of trips and maybe you can finally get the damn thing paid off. Opps, sorry, what was I thinking, majority of the people who own jets usually just buy out right since they already have the money. This here is where JetSmarter differentiates itself from other ride-sharing apps, besides that it is in the air, majority of its clients are rich, royalty, and celebrities, making it a very unique market to work with. You already know they have money so making sure they pay is not the problem since the app requires that you pay first before any flights are requested. This cuts out the issue of pending payments.

According to many of the articles written below over 1000 flights have already been requested for the 2014 year so with more people getting richer every year this just means that the first-mover advantage for this app has put the owner, Sergey Petrossov, who is only 26 years old, in a very good position for this market. You can learn more about this young developer who created this app at his LinkedIn profile. Be sure to read up on his twitter profile. You can see where the company is headed and how much effort Sergey puts in for his business. It’s very interesting to read.

So if you would like to show off that you know where the next ride-sharing market is going, or would like to pretend jetting off to Key West is only a few taps away on your phone’s screen, then you can download the app and impress your friends with it. Hey, if you have enough friends you can just pool “jet”-pool your money together and take a flight somewhere together.

Oh a side note, this app kind of reminds me of the app “I am Rich,” for some reason, which was only available for like a day on the app store because of how much it cost to download ($999.99). It didn’t do anything except show a shiny red stone. I guess I make the connection because the only way to enjoy this app is if you already have lots of money.

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